Pag-Ibig Membership ID Card, A Testament to Cost-Cutting Measures?

March 11th, 201012:31 pm @ elmot


Pag-Ibig Membership ID Card, A Testament to Cost-Cutting Measures?

I have received at last my Pag-Ibig (Home Mutual Development Fund) Membership Card or ID a few days ago.  And I was so surprised to almost asking if it was indeed my Pag-Ibig ID or was it just a bogus photocopied or printed material given to us by scammers?

Take a look at my scanned ID on top.  See?  It is all black and white, almost the same as any printed black and white ID customized on your personal computer.

Instructions with the Pag-Ibig Card:  cut the rectangular black and white-shaped ID, sign on top of your name and laminate it yourself.  Yes, laminate it yourself!

Has the Pag-ibig Fund coffer already dried up competing with the El Niño phenomenon that what it needs is also to sound the siren for a “state of calamity” with this kind of ID they are giving their members who are paying dutifully every month their due?  Or the hundreds of millions that Vice-President Noli De Castro spent on TV and radio ads before lays testament to the fact that this government agency is doing some cost-cutting measures?  They spent too big of an amount on those advertisements and now short-change its members.

Now my concern here is also not only about the quality of the cards, but also the security that this card could offer.  Why?  These cards could obviously be easily copied, mass produced, faked and used by scammers to the expense of other members with good standing.  What if one day, some us will just wake up with mortgage obligations tucked on our belts without us applying for it or benefiting on it.

If today, many government agencies like the Department of Foreign Affairs are upgrading the security features of government-issued identification documents, Pag-Ibig Fund on the other hand had gone Jurassic.

Indeed, the song rightly puts it in this concern, “Where is the love (Pag-Ibig), where is the love (Pag-Ibig)?”

Have you received your Pagi-Ibig Membership Card?  What do you think of the Card, any concerns?  Share some love (Pag-Ibig) and comment. Hik, hik, hik…

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