Pacquiao-Clottey Fight Result and the Power Crisis

March 15th, 201012:58 am @ elmot



Pacquiao-Clottey Fight Result and the Power Crisis

Pacquiao unleashed more than 1,200 punches but still Joshua Clottey was left unscathed, more so was never knocked down and knocked out.  For one, the Pacquiao-Clottey fight was never shown two fighters dancing to the tune of boxing glory; it was a one-sided bout with Manny working like a mad dog and Clottey thinking the bout witnessed by more than 51,000 screaming fans at the Cowboy’s Stadium was a statue dance.

Anyways, before the fight, many Filipinos were worried if they can even watch the fight as rotating brownouts comes like thief.  I was even very much appalled to see on the news that some people were very angry at the government for not solving the problem and the thought of not watching the bout due to a problem with electricity makes them go suicidal.

People in charge of providing electricity though assured the public that there will be no brownouts during the fight, except in Mindanao, lest they are burned at stake due to public outrage.

Unfortunately, there were also people who were interviewed that they would rather want that electricity be stable during Pacquiao’s fight than during Election Day on May 2010.  PoOf!!!  Sad, sad, world.

While those at the power sector were so busy to make sure that we will all have the luxury of tuning in to the Pacquiao-Clottey fight, they are on the other hand are quite lax and haven’t given us the enthusiasm of character of making sure that during the national polls, electricity will be stable to make sure the first automated elections is a success from their part.

I just hope, that it is not only during Pacquiao’s fights that the government and other agencies are crumbling in order to give the best during the fight, but more so in a much more important phase of our national life:  that is our election on May 2010.

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