Light and Shadows With The Death of Emilia Boncodin

March 16th, 20108:34 pm @ elmot



Light and Shadows With The Death of Emilia Boncodin

The death of Emilia Boncodin, former Budget Secretary and member of the Hyatt 10 (former cabinet secretaries of President Arroyo who deserted her during the height of the “Hello Garci” Scandal) tries to bring in the message to the people that not all government officials and public servants are rapacious vultures of public coffers. And her passing tries to put a great contrast between what real servant leadership is and arrogant abuse of power: the real and fake; the true and bogus; the honest and liar; the simple and arrogant; those who live in the light and those who linger on shadows.

Emilia, 55, dying from cardiac arrest is best remembered as a very simple public servant who never dreamt of prestige, power and wealth but only shown total dedication and passion to what she is very good at.

“She entered the government at the age of 18. She knew the numbers at the back of her hand. She would remain honest. The decades that she had served her country were untarnished by scandal or dishonesty.”

…while those who are seated high up on their thrones are so afraid to give them up; but only wanted to perpetuate in power by fraud, cheating, blatant dishonesty and abuse of human rights.

“She didn’t have a fancy car. And she and her family lived simply in a house they built.”

…while many of those who are left to live longer as public servants flaunt their excesses with pride and insult to the impoverished by enriching themselves with properties in the country and abroad, dining on expensive restaurants while poverty numbers stand at around 28 million Filipinos.

But Emelia Boncodin’s being steadfast to her ideals more so her passion to bring in the needed change in public governance specifically on improving the public financial management was never cynical; it was never boastful. It was full of hope. And her death, her silent and simple passing on to the next life is never the end of her hope, but only the beginning. And it may start with every single vote.

May we have more of the likes of Secretary Emilia Boncodin in the government.  Rest in peace.

Image from PCIJ.Org

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