Kris Aquino has been silent and behave in the last few months as her previous active participation and issues in the media has caused instead negative impacts on his brother Noynoy Aquino’s presidential campaign and used by political opponents against them.

But the more recent issue is about Kris Aquino’s most recent clash with Ruffa Gutierrez on “The Buzz” with opposing opinions and Kris’ domineering and insensitive remarks taking the best of what the two has.  Ruffa walked out of the “The Buzz”, canceled her last appearance and her mother as usual coming out to the defense of her daughter aimed her big guns on Kris and her brother’s presidential campaign. Annabelle Rama said that Kris is already such an air-headed celebrity even if her brother has not yet won the presidency.

In this particular incident, we can clearly see how Kris Aquino, what she says and does affect the campaign of his brother.  Call it immaturity on the part of some voters for not distinguishing Noynoy from Kris, or smear campaign from his opponents for using the issue but this is campaign season.

Now, Annabelle Rama found a new target for her canons.

The question of who will really rule the country resurfaced again.  Villar has been accused of being the lapdog and secret candidate of GMA who is seen to be perpetuating in power; Gibo Teodoro as another continuation of the rule of a corrupt and morally bankrupt government with his expressed gratitude with Mrs. Arroyo; Br. Eddie questioned with his religion maybe taking over the national government; and now Noynoy Aquino who is seen to be a lame duck against his more vocal and strong-willed sister Kris.

This issue is very crucial as the people is already tired of the old system, of the old ways of governance and the old way of doing things that has perpetuated poverty to its most dismal state.  All we can get from this issue is the fact the people needs a president who could be a man of himself, having the political will not to be dictated upon by anyone other than the welfare of the people.

Going back to the issue with Kris and Ruffa, and Annabelle joining in the fray like an immature mom trying to join in the petty fight of her little daughter with a classmate in nursery school.  The issue may hurt Noynoy’s campaign to some extent and Kris may be asked to once again watch her conduct or words, but I think most voters are already mature enough to separate the two issues; showbiz and political.

And with Annabelle Rama unleashing her tirades against Noynoy’s campaign while the issue is obviously between her daughter and Kris, this alone takes away any credibility to whatever she says.  Is she already bored with looking and counting her diamonds and gold jewels that she won’t let her daughter who is already old enough (hey, she has 2 daughters now!) to take care of herself, defend herself and find ways to settle the issue?  Susmaryusep man dong!

Who will benefit from this hullabaloo?  Maybe Villar as Mrs. Rama bets this orange guy will become the next president, or Rama herself as she will die if her mouth is sealed?

What do you think of the issue between Kris and Ruffa?  What do you think of Annabel Rama accusing Kris of being air-headed and how much more she will become when her brother wins as president?  Do you think this issue will affect Noynoy Aquino’s campaign?  Share na dong…LOL!

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