If Only Philippine Elections is as Simple as a Boxing Match

March 21st, 20106:02 pm @ elmot



If Only Philippine Elections is as Simple as a Boxing Match

Jhay has said it precisely; there is an alarming rate of a growing cynicism among Filipinos towards having a clean, honest and credible Philippine election.

As I shared here previously, some people wanted to have a stable supply of electricity during Pacquiao’s match than during Election Day.  The public sentiment is not only meant to mock the people at the helm of securing a stable power supply in the country, Election Day or not, but also tries to speak of the cynicism towards Philippine polls.

Boxing matches are almost always clean.  There maybe some head butt (intentional or accidental), rabbit punch, hitting below the belt, and punches after the bell but all of these are handled properly with corresponding warnings, deductions and even disqualification.  One-sided referees are dealt with properly by sports governing bodies.  There are clear rules to the game.

The fight is happening right before our eyes; judges score the fight and referee looks on intently, even slow motion video replays are made available for re-examination.  The winner is announced after the bout; the stronger and best fighter emerges; both fighters and corners congratulate each other.  No more questions, only a few appeals.  Unsatisfied with the result? They need to move on, and maybe can ask for a rematch to seal the deal and prove one’s real worth next time.

Like Pacquiao’s fight with Clottey, he unanimously emerged as the winner but a rematch with a turtle cannot certainly be found on the horizon.

But elections in the Philippines are no boxing matches.  Fraud, vote-buying, violations against election code and early campaigning by candidates, campaign spending going gaga, election violence and unending election protests are the usual drama and scenes we see and so tired of.  Only in the Philippines that all election candidates emerge as winners, no one wants to go home as a loser.

People thus cannot simply give their trust to elections when so many manipulations and machinations are happening more so those things that cannot be seen by the naked eye.

There are feferees and judges tasked to oversee elections, but these people have been seen by many on so many occasions as the same people who can be bought and swayed to favor politicians with cash.

Warnings, penalties and deductions?  Yes!  There is dag-dag bawas like a very popular actor in Mindanao defeated by GMA and her senatorial slate going 12-0!

Asking for appeal and rematch?  Nah, no more rematch as there has always been a constant appeal and battle on government offices with even two officials claiming to be the true winners having separate offices on the same government building!  And some may even end up called to be losers by the judges and referees with only a few months before elections.

The stronger and best does not usually end up as the winner.  The real winner may even end up being disqualified by one-sided referees and judges.

We have been since time immemorial saying and praying for a clean, honest and credible elections especially on the government agency in charge of it.  Amazing really…Isn’t it elections should be honest, clean and credible in the first place, or else that could never be anymore called an election and it will just simply lose its spirit of the only vehicle of which the democratic process truly lives and shines from all other forms of government.

If only Philippine elections is as simple as a boxing match.

What do you think of Philippine Elections?

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