So check yourselves, maybe you will be the next big time impersonator in the Philippines.

Presidentiable Gibo Teodoro’s camp through its arm Palit Galing is coming up with a stunt or to technically call it campaign strategy, in order to boost the popularity of their bet for the Philippine elections in May 2010.

Dubbed as the “Search for Mr. Gwapo at Talino (GT)”; this male pageant searches for “handsome and intelligent men, 18-35 years old, who are willing to campaign for presidential candidate Gilbert Teodoro.”  The program takes off from the Teodoro’s slogan “Galing at Talino” with the finals night to be held on the last week of April 2010 in Plaza Miranda.

How to Qualify?

Contestants should be both “gwapo” (handsome) and “matalino” (intelligent)’ embody Gibo’s decency, can articulate Gibo’s platform, and will campaign for Gibo especially on poor areas.

Winner will receive a cash prize.

May take on this?

I think this is a cheap strategy that is founded on superficial valuing of the person and the importance of election more so the intelligence of votes and their right to be educated.  It will also not necessarily be very effective for Gibo as the contest and popularity of the winners will not automatically translate into trust, more so votes for him.

Anchored on being “gwapo” (handsome) and “talino” (intelligent) alone speaks of its lack of chic and intelligent strategy for campaign.  It seems then that the vote-rich Class D and E can easily be swayed to vote for Gibo just by the campaigning of the winner of this contest.

And while Gibo’s slogan is Galing at Talino, the contest has shifted to Gwapo at Talino?  Why?  Hmmm…maybe Gibo is not at all that gwapo, hahaha!

Well, best of luck to the organizers of this campaign stunt.

Unfortunately, I am just all “gwapo” (good looks) but not at all that “matalino” (intelligent); that alone disqualifies me to join.

What do you think of this campaign strategy of Gibo Teodoro?  Will it be effective and may do wonders to his low ratings?

Image from Gibo.Ph

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