Very odd news from New Zealand.

While people are into auction houses to fight over the preserved penis of a whale or the rotten underwear ancient rulers with ridiculous amounts thrown at the table, people in New Zealand bid online for two glass vials that fetched at $2,830 NZ dollars or about $1,983 US dollars, Monday.

The contents of two glass vials are not rare seminal fluids from a T-Rex or the sweat of Elvis Presley, but ghosts of two dead people!

The two souls of dead people inside the glass vials were said to have been captured by Avi Woodbury at Christchurch.  She placed stoppers at the vials and dipped them on a holy water.  This process she calls “dulls the spirits’ energy”.  PoOf!

The first ghost she said further was the soul of an old man who lived during the 1920s and the other one was that of a little girl.

Hundred of thousands of people went up to the auction page; name of the winning bidder was not made public.  Was the winning bidder named Lucifer?

Anyways, Woodbury said that after getting the share of the “exorcist fee” from the amount, remaining money will go the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Wow, many people can make lots of money catching the spirits of ladies and ghosts suddenly appearing on Balate Drive or the Malinta Tunnel or Film Center.

Could this already be the solution to the poverty of many Filipinos?  Seems like a great business to me. LOL!!!  WTF?!  Hahahaha!

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