Senator Lito Lapid’s Silly “Leon Guerero” Campaign

February 22nd, 20101:20 am @ elmot



Senator Lito Lapid’s Silly “Leon Guerero” Campaign

Senator Lito Lapid is back in the campaign trail with his political ad sporting his legendary movie role of “Leon Guerero”.

Even before his latest political ad has rolled on our TV screens, he has already been listed as the number 2 among the senators who may win in the May 2010 senatorial race only next to fellow actor Bong Revilla Jr. on the surveys.

I really don’t know if all those who were surveyed were his die-hard fans or they were just confused and thought the question was actually, “Who are the celebrity politicians you know in the Senate who have not done any piece of legislation?”

And for one, this actor turned politician is still hounded by corruption charges together with his son in Pampanga on the quarry operations when they were still governor.  Check out, while their collection was so small compared to Among Ed Panilio’s, the latter is being kicked out of his seat as governor.  Anak ng Pinatubo nga naman oh!  Mukang napuno ng abo ng Pinatubo ang mga utak ng Comelec Commissioners.

Leon Guerero is back and asking for our votes while riding on his white horse ala true Texan.  If only his prowess and courage on all his movies and films could also be of the same caliber (Like killing two villains with only one bullet.  How?  He placed the blade of his jungle knife in front of the barrel of his gun.  Boom!  Two bad men laid dead.) inside the senate hall, I could have been a happier man.

But geez, maybe just wanted to win again as a senator in order to have his ultimate dream of a photo-op with President Obama of the US come true?  And have a say on what menu to eat during dinner at Le Cirque, kanin and adobo? (Well, when they had dinner, and all those fancy dishes were served to him, he said he did not like the food as they did not fill his stomach.)

Anyone who is to vote for him?  Watch out, Max Alvarado will run after you.

Senator Lito Lapids “Leon Guerero” Political Advertisement:

What do you think of Lito Lapid running again for a senate seat and using his “Leon Guerero” role on his campaign?  Will you vote for him?  Why, why not?

Image from Kalokohan

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