I am guilty of this most of the time here at Pinoy Sounding Board.

But today, I would rather want to have some shifting of paradigm.

For many months now I have been posting here my commentaries about some of the nastiest politicians, socio-political issues and personal rants.  These issues and discussions could most of the time only bleed our minds and wound our hearts knowing and seeing how our beloved nation and collective dignities are raped by callous and selfish few.

In sharing all these things with passion, I must admit that I have forgotten that not all are too bad; it is not always a cloudy day; that there are still so many good men who are working so hard in our government worthy to be indeed called “public servants”.

These people may not always be visible on our eyes as they are working diligently, faithfully and honestly on some silent cubicles and corners of dilapidated government buildings.  Some of them may not be enjoying the lofty positions being raided by some but certainly are giving their all to serve the people on their own small special ways.  They cannot be bribed; they don’t succumb to greed; and strong-willed not to get eaten up by the system.

Any particular public servants that come to mind?

This question particularly leads me to give proper respect and honor to all our diligent, hard-working and simple public school teachers.  They are the silent nation-builders who may not be financially rewarded by the government as they ought to be but continuously try to save this nation from the brink of intellectual decay.  They lead, teach, listen, cry, laugh and sacrifice even their own personal dreams for all their students, that these young people may become good citizens and future leaders.

Unfortunately, these are also the same simple people who are neglected and abused by the government.  Despite of this human degradation they are made to daily suffer (in terms of meager salary, benefits and all from GSIS, no proper health insurance, etc) they remain steadfast to their vocation to “teach”.

Maybe, these are also the unsung heroes of EDSA. We may not actually say that they were the ones who visibly stopped tanks and forced Marcos to flee the country and hand back to the nation our democracy; but they were the ones who guided us inside the humble classrooms on the darkest of days and the triumph of the light to make this nation embrace the last streaks of hopes emanating from the east.

And if there are evil people trying to bring down this nation into the cliff of moral and economic decay, these simple teachers are the good men continue bravely and diligently continue the noble fight…diligently, silently, outnumbering those who steal from the public coffers and cheat the democratic processes.

Help me out, let us put this time around to the true, honest and steadfast public servants.

Any particular person/public servant or groups of people serving in the government that you know who remains good, honest and true to their work?

Image from Artcle WN

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