77 days before the May 2010 national polls and we have all seen how the political milieu has heated up just like how the hot temperature makes us all sweat.

Tirades, accusations and smear campaigns were hurled against each Presidentiables not only during dignified fora and debates but also outside the limitless campaign arena of public opinion.  Some of the hottest issues that each Presidentiables are forced to reckon with are corruption charges, loyalty, campaign spending, charter change and competency.

But all hell breaks loose when innocent little children were dragged into the murky waters of political survival and aspirations.  And the ever-patient Noynoy Aquino was immediately up in arms against those who use his nephews to stain his reputation and presidential campaign.

Joshua Aquino and even Baby James Yap, children of his celebrity sister Kris Aquino were lately been dragged into some issues with the former the subject of malicious text messages and the latter a photoshopped picture making a dirty finger that has circulated on Facebook.

Here is Noynoy Aquino’s reaction with the English translation from Inquirer.Net:

Noong isang araw po may text na dumating sa telepono ko. Sa dami nilang pera, tatlo beses pong pumasok sa telepono ko. Nakalagay po dun, yung pamangkin ko raw hong si Joshua, adviser ko sa kasalan (The other day, I received a text message in my phone. Because they had a lot of money, I received it three times. It said there that my nephew is my adviser for my wedding).

Alam nyo naman po si Joshua, special child. Yan po inaaruga, minamahal. Pero itong mga kalaban natin pati yung special child pinapatulan, hindi naman kasama dito. Anong klaseng mga tao naman yan? (Joshua is a special child who needs care and love. Our enemies are using a special child who is not party to politics against me. What kind of people are they).

So wala pa ho tayo sa election, talaga hong gagawin nila lahat para tayo magkaroon ng hidwaan, pagdududahin kayo (So even without the election, they will use everything to cause strife and doubt).

Hindi po natin mapapantayan yung ads sa TV dahil kelangan ng salapi (We cannot match the TV ads because that entails money).

Ang mapagmamalaki ko lang po, tinuro sa akin ng mga magulang ko, sumandal ka sa taumbayan. Yan ang pinakamatatag, yan ang hindi kayang hintuin ng salapi, yan ang hindi kayang harangin ng kasinungalingan at kaya naman po matapang ako (What I’m proud of, my parents taught me, trust on the people. That is the most durable that money can’t buy, that lies cannot defeat. That’s why I’m courageous).

Kris Aquino on the other hand has cried foul over the photos circulating on social networking giant Facebook with her son flashing his middle finger.  The photo turned out to be photoshopped and she was so sad at the fact that her son is being used by political enemies by his brother Noynoy to cast malicious acts on them.

I think there is no big problem with mudslinging, bickering and hurling accusations against each other for Presidentiables, for these acts help the voters discern and discover who they are really to vote for.  But when little innocent children dragged into the political fray just because they are affiliated to some presidentiable or politician running for public office, it already tells us how irresponsible and desperate political groups are into fighting back their competitors.  These acts certainly constitute a grave abuse on the children, and if people can abuse even the most innocent and helpless among the citizens, how much more the educated, the strong and the vocal.

The campaign is just starting and I guess we have to expect more rude and nasty political campaign strategies to be employed not only by those running for national posts but more so to those fighting for local positions.

What do you think of the issue that Joshua Aquino and Baby James Yap are being subjected to malicious propaganda to hurt Noynoy Aquino’s campaign?  Any nasty political campaign strategies that you know of that are being employed by local politicians in your place?  Share your comments.

Image from The Nashman

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