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People all over are buzzing as to how and why scandal-ridden Sen. Manny Villar has easily eaten up a big chunk of Sen. Noynoy Aquino’s lead on the latest surveys with the Pulse Asia survey putting the contest between the two leading contenders for the highest post in the land on a tight race.  Pulse Asia puts Villar and Aquino on a technically statistically tied position despite the former being hounded by the C-5 road controversy resulting to an ethics complaint in the Senate.

But then the questions are; what happened to Noynoy Aquino’s big lead late last year?  What happened to “Cory Magic”?

I want to share some of the reasons I see why Noynoy’s ratings declined, though as Sen. Gordon puts it, surveys are not indicative of the actual results come Election Day on May 2010.  They only serve as part of the mind game and conditioning of the voter’s consciousness, and may still greatly help though candidates either to win more votes by posing a temporary image of an upcoming victory or just telling of reassessment of a failing strategy.

Here it goes:

1.  Noynoy Aquino cannot simply ride on the memories of his revered parents, more so the love of the Filipino people towards them.  The people revering and respecting them is one way, and people voting for him is another story.  His parents earned the people’s confidence and he cannot simply inherit it; he still has to earn it.

2.  He is not presenting a clear platform of governance to the people on his advertisements.  Though a campaign against corruption is badly needed, this is a very vague area and concept that people cannot simply cling on to and cannot simply put their trust on.  What are you exactly going to do, they ask.

3.  People are obviously looking for accomplishments.  Though Manny Villar is advertising all his “so-called accomplishments”, with certifications coming from his very own business power house, Noynoy Aquino has not so far presented any of the same list.  The issue of competence in leadership is a truth that presidentiables cannot simply escape by saying that “I will not lie or steal or I am an upright man.”

4.  Noynoy is not pouring in the money.  I am not saying that Noynoy should also spend big money on advertisements (especially if he has very limited finances) the way Villar is exhausting all means on getting in the votes on his side of the fence.   But constant bombardment of advertisement on TV, newspaper, radio and online ads certainly has shifted the tide on the side of the billionaire presidentiable.

5.  Noynoy Aquino has been presenting very idealistic and vague directions.  I am not saying that being idealistic is bad, but what happens is that these ideas and directions cannot be simply understood by ordinary people.  They are floating up in the air, incomprehensible and cannot be easily appreciated nor accepted especially by the ppor.  Villar on the other hand has done a very methodical way of presenting his ideas that the masses can easily grasp.

6.  Villar unlike Aquino is doing a very traditional way of campaigning:  a dole-out type of campaign that can easily get the votes of people.  He is giving house and lots here and there, promising to give people jobs, scholarships, capital for business ventures, prizes on noontime TV shows, and all that you can imagine.  It is like a raffle promo promising that everyone comes home as winners!

Not to judge the masses, but tricks like these can easily sway them to vote for the man who shows them (or gives them) the easy way out of poverty than someone who is telling them to fight with me, let us all change the system by starting on ourselves and eradicate corruption.  I am not saying that is wrong, but we all know very well in the past that people will even choose someone who is corrupt so long as that politician is giving them something than someone who promises to clean up the mess.

7.  Noynoy Aquino is not using all the big shinning stars that support him like Sharon Cuneta, Vilma Santos and many more.  He can easily divide these stars into groups for separate kinds of ad and media campaigns to target the different age brackets of voters;  like the veterans grouped together or individually showing an ad like that of Dolphy; the younger stars like Marian Rivera, Anne Curtis and the whole pack of them making an ad for the young voters.  Well, maybe Butch Abad has not even thought of that yet.  Let us face it, he cannot be simply the only face on his advertisements, or that of Baby James.

8.  Noynoy only declared his intention to run for the presidency a couple of months ago while Villar has been eyeing that post since becoming a lawmaker.

9.  Noynoy Aquino is running a sloppy campaign, not having the power or the maybe the skills to unite all the forces that rallied behind EDSA or what is now known as the “Cory Magic”.  It may bring in the magic, but magic does not easily make itself visible to spectators without the skills to do the trick right.  Thus, it could also easily be pointed out as a loophole on his campaign.

10.  The campaign of Noynoy Aquino is obviously trying to do a catch up with Villar.  The latest of which is his ad for which he tries to rap, a clear attempt to tear down the ad of Villar that became a hit to all.  He is not even using the issue of the C-5 controversy to his advantage as a clear example of his fight against corruption an abuse of power in government.

I am not a Noynoy Aquino supporter.  What I am only saying is that Noynoy Aquino cannot be so easily over confident or just simply ride on what others has already achieved an put them as if his own.  The race is still a long way to go and the end of the road where the finish line awaits the winner is still hazy.  He should reassess his strategies and get back to his senses.  Villar will always use his money and his arrogance on his presidential campaign and not face allegations in the Senate but bring them to the public arena to gain from it.  And so, Aquino’s camp cannot simply say that Villar has lots of money that is why he is catching up so fast…it is still all about the right strategies and the proper executions.

Any thoughts?  What do you think are the reasons why Villar has already caught up with Noynoy Aquino, at least on the surveys?  What do you think should Noynoy do on his campaign?

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