Rico Blanco Tweeted, Gibo Teodoro Overlooked Intellectual Property Issue over his Song

January 6th, 20103:42 pm @ elmot


Rico Blanco Tweeted, Gibo Teodoro Overlooked Intellectual Property Issue over his Song

It is not only dismal survey ratings that presidential aspirant Gibo Teodoro needs to hurdle; only affirming that it follows, the kiss of a death certainly does not attract lady luck.

I checked out the new blog of my buddy Aaron PinoyGossipBoy.Ph on its new wordpress-powered home (congratulations Bro!) and he got a post about Rico Blanco crying foul on Twitter over Teodoro using his song “Posible” on his TV ad that we have been seeing lately on primetime.

Rico Blanco who is now working solo had these series of tweets regarding what seemed like an act against intellectual property rights committed by the bar top-notcher (via twitter.com @1ricoblanco):

i’m itching to tweet about this VERY STRANGE intellectual property issue that came to my attention just last night.)

i’d like to understand how can a presidentiable can overlook a simple matter such as intellectual property. command responsibility

ok finally saw it. very nice ad. but wow. they even copied my singing/voice. so it cant be that they just werent aware i existed. sakitsaulo

As Aaron pointed out, this is an issue of ownership, whether Rico Blanco was the one composed or who sang the song, the one who owns it inked on paper still has the right over the use of it, in this case used on Gilbert Teodoro’s political advertisement.

I first thought that Rico Blanco is the one singing the song for the ad, and so thought of too that he supports Gibo, the same way Gloc9 supports Bro. Eddie Villanueva and Regine Velasquez for Noynoy Aquino and Madam Auring supports the freak Atty. Lozano.

Putting aside all the legal implications and show biz buzz it could generate; the real question lies on its effect on Gilbert Teodoro’s candidacy, knowing his very poor and consistent performance on survey ratings among the presidentiables hanging on the bottom end of the race like VW Beettle racing against Ferraris and Corvettes.

Unlike the world of celebrities, any rumors, gossips, sex scandals and allegations like this will certainly give a presidentiable extra media mileage (more TV guesting and movie projects) but unfortunately will lose precious votes and confidence from the public that lives and dies on personalities, pedigree and big names.  At a crucial presidential campaign for May 2010 elections, Gibo direly if not desperately needs more votes, more good news, more “pogi points” (more hair maybe, but Noynoy needs double of what Gibo needs to be planted on his skull) and never issues like this.

He may not be sued, or embroiled in a legal tussle, sex scandal caught on tape, but as clear as the morning sun and as sure as another failure of total automated election, Gibo is losing the race towards the Palace.

Any thoughts guys?  With this new development, do you think Gibo Teodoro still have the chance to win the presidency?

Image from W3.XS.edu.ph

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