Politicians on Pantyliners, The Most Ingenious Campaign Strategy There Is

January 20th, 201012:43 am @ elmot



Politicians on Pantyliners, The Most Ingenious Campaign Strategy There Is

Campaigns to have another shot at government posts are heating up…and getting more creative, sometimes to the extent of becoming so tasteless and stupid.

See that ticket from a bus line flying on the roads of Cavite to Manila with Biazon for 2010! I don’t exactly know if this current Senator Biazon or his son Rep. Biazon being campaigned on this ticket. (kindly click the ticket photo to see the enlarged version with Biazon 2010 written on it)

Worse is this said to be pantyliner reported on TV Patrol from its Boto Mo Ipatrol Mo segment, bearing a face of mana named Soy Oruga Mercado who is most probably going to run for a public office. I don’t exactly know too if this is a pantyliner (the TV anchor said its a pantyliner for Christ’s sake!) or a wet wipes, could also be sandwich too (LOL) but it will be unfortunate for the place it is intended to land on with a shameless politician sponsoring its sanitation.


See?  Wahahaha!  I don’t know if I want to freak out, cut off my head or just simply relish the moment having a good dose of laughter.

Let us not be surprised then if we will also soon receive underwear and toilet paper with politicians’ faces begging us to vote for them come May 2010 polls.  That is what we get when politicians do not have billions for massive TV ads, pantyliners and bus tickets with their faces.  LOL

Hey guys, any thoughts about these very creative election campaigns?  Any more creative ways you can suggest for our politicians to do their campaigning maybe aside from pantyliners with their faces on it (LOL!)?

Write your comments please…each commenter will receive these election freebies from Mr. Biazon and Mr. Mercado, LOL!

Images from Boto Mo, Ipatrol Mo

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