“Ang Ladlad will not Redound any Good of This Nation,” Look Who is Talking.

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“Ang Ladlad will not Redound any Good of This Nation,” Look Who is Talking.

So it is not only the COMELEC and its Commissioners that “Ang Ladlad” and all homosexuals should be watching their backs against with.

Despite the most recent decision of the Supreme Court to reinstate the provisional accreditation of “Ang Ladlad’s” status and be included on the list of party-list groups on official ballots for the May 2010 elections, different sectors are decrying the decision of the highest court saying that the group will only push for “immoral, legislation.” So don’t be so happy and gay yet.

Bishops from the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines are mostly against the move of the Supreme Court as like what the COMELEC Commissioners had said on their faith-based, unconstitutional and unreasonable decision on disqualifying Ang Ladlad; that the group is already well-represented “especially in entertainment, so there is no need to represent them in Congress.”

But the harsher words, seemingly homophobic statements, (as if there are no homosexuals among their ranks, actually there is a good number too. You are right, they somewhat well represented), and irrational line of reasoning come from Bishop Crispin Varquez of Borongan. He says,

“There is a big possibility that they will push for immoral bills. They are already in favor or pre-marital sex and for sure they will push for same-sex marriage. That is why they should not be allowed in the party-list elections. What will happen to our government and society if all lawmakers we elect into office are immoral?”

Wow, those were heavy words folks. It’s as if our government is not already overflowing with immoral leaders, just aim your eyes at the Palace and in most government offices. Ooops, wait guys, Mr. Garci and Mr Abalos are calling me on my mobile phones. “Hello, Garci? Oh, I will have 200 from you?”

I am back. Well, maybe it is better for us to have macho politicians who are cheating us of our democratic rights and stealing our hard-earned money to lead us than having homosexuals in congress who will still by the way serve as minority member/s of the House of Representative if ever? Did I get it right “your Excellency”? Am I right, or I am just simply right?

For Bishop Emeritus Bacani, having Ang Ladlad in Congress is something that is within their constitutional right so long that they “exercise responsibility” and he is just more concerned with the advocacies that they are to push through that would be contradictory to the teachings of the Church.

Sorsogon Bishop Arturo Bastes and Caloocan Bishop Deogracias Iñeguez both believed Ang Ladlad will not do any good to this nation saying:

“There is abnormality in the situation. The Supreme Court should explain why they recognized this group. I (Bastes) think the COMELEC is right in disqualifying Ang Ladlad. I believe such a party-list will not redound any good of this nation.”

Woah, these bishops are really hot-headed, may have consumed lots “mompo”. Care for a halo-halo?

If we are to reassess whoever has done any good or brought ill to this nation, these bishops/the Catholic Church are also equally very much responsible why we have arrived into this kind social, moral and economic decay. You know what I mean; Diocese of Malacañang?

When it comes to homosexuality and issues that involve sexuality, most of them are like mad dogs and instant activists, but when corruption is being done here and there, many of them are as silent and as cold as those statues on altars, with one priest even saying that GMA is a gift from God likening her to Christ being crucified by her detractors for doing good. WTF?! If all priests are like this guy from the pulpit of Pampanga who puts GMA’s portrait side-by-side Jesus Christ, I would rather want to worship the sun and the mountains.

That is where the dual and split identity of some of our beloved bishops comes into the picture; there is separation of State and Church when it comes corruption issues, but there is no separation of Church and State, with the former bullying the latter when it comes to issues of sexuality (homosexuality, reproductive health to name a few).

To be more realistic, we have priests and bishops who are also homosexuals (thus, may also be not doing any good to this nation too?), and while homosexuals through Ang Ladlad may win a seat in the lower congress, they are to work for the affairs and concerns of the state, temporal matters may be a term for it; while the former work for as they say spiritual concerns. This is what our beloved bishops have forgotten. The burden of living out what they preach is way much heavier on their shoulders. Try to take a look at your priests and fellow bishops and seminaries first Your Excellencies, before you say and “judge” people who “will not do any good” to this nation. The “dark side” is also lurking actively somewhere there.

When bishops speak on this we-know-everything and we-are-right-you-are-immoral tone, I cannot help myself but think that they are also at the same time not trusting the capacity of people (or believers) to think for themselves and live out what was preached to them. Why recourse to this kind of mudslinging and name-calling. If ever bills were pushed for same-sex marriage, then let the people decide, let those politicians decide, have you forgotten that this is a Christian-dominated nation? Then, if you did your homework well on teaching the people and helping the people decide from their conscience, there is nothing to worry about and no need to pass on judgment to things that are not yet even happening.

If ever a bill on same-sex marriage was passed in the future, better ask yourself too Your Excellencies, certainly you failed somewhere, and not only throw tirades and casting stone at this small community of people. Only Pharisees do that.  Amen.

What I am trying to drive at is:  let us respect each other, certainly there are some norms that you bishops are trying to protect, but calling these groups short of immoral leaders and people who will not do good to this nation is already against your very preachings of justice, respect and love; it is just too much, unbecoming of shepherds of people.  No wonder why so many people are also leaving the Church for its very combative and antagonistic approach on moral and sensitive human issues.

What do you think about the article, with the bishops calling Ang Ladlad and the homosexuals in effect as immoral people who will not do any good to this nation? Do you agree with our Excellencies?

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