Will the Mangudadatus Truly Bring Democracy to Maguindanaons?

December 9th, 200910:28 am @ elmot



Will the Mangudadatus Truly Bring Democracy to Maguindanaons?

The Mangudadatus tried to wage a political war against the Ampatuans for the seat of governorship of Maguindanao, and so the massacre of 57 people happened.

But the Mangudadatus, despite the loss of lives of family members and the mourning, continued the fight promising the people of Maguindanao of a true democracy to shine upon them when he gets elected while the Ampatuans face serious cases filed against them and public anger pouring like unending hailstorm.

Though it sounds like an end of a political regime that is marked by violence, abuse and corruption, the ushering of the Mangudadatus on the mainstream political arena of the province of Maguindanao still casts serious doubts among those who see nothing but a change of name on political leadership.

On the recent news and study of political clans listed with private armies, Maguindanao is said to have more than 40 of them including both the Ampatuans and Mangudadatus.  Although the Mangudadatus has a very small group of private armed men compared to the thousands that the Ampatuans has, it still tells us that they are not far from the very people that is now facing serious charges in court for multiply murder and rebellion.  The Mangudadatus are also occupying many government posts in Mindanao as is considered one of the powerful political clans or dynasties in Maguindanao.

We have seen for so many times in the past of how one family or political powerhouse went down due to abusive leadership when confronted by an emerging political personality, only to find out eventually that only the name of the leader has changed but the same old style of politics persisted.

I cannot exactly say if the fate of the province of Maguindanao will not change.  I don’t know if the Mangudadatus take the leadership of the province from the Ampatuans a real democratic society where justice, equality and freedom will truly prevail or it will still be the same old place where fear, poverty and injustice burden the people.  I wish that it will not be the chance for the Mangudadatus to strengthen their power and political clouts in the province but rather indeed an opportunity of giving back to their constituents what they truly deserve from their leaders and local government.

Either the Mangudadatus or another Ampatuan ally taking the seat of governance in Maguindanao, it is not as important though right now than the assurance of justice for all the 57 people, who has made the sacrifice in order for the nation to have a renewed consciousness and commitment against abusive and corrupt leadership marked with violence.

Are we going to see a recycled or re-branded kind of governance in Maguindanao with the Mangudadatus?  What do you think?

Image from Ryan Ericson Canlas

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