SmartBro and its Not-so-smart Service

December 18th, 200911:33 am @ elmot


SmartBro and its Not-so-smart Service

“We’ve celebrated too prematurely.  Elmot went home to find his internet connection gone.  The adaptor was busted.  SmartBro technicians promised to replace it tomorrow.  Incidentally, it took two weeks before SmartBro finally installed this infernal internet connection.

Could it be these were not really SmartBro guys Elmot is dealing with?  Maybe they’re people sent by Ate Glo?  Or is it Manny Villar?  Maybe the Ampatuans?

Must have coffee – my mind is filling up with conspiracy theories already. Ahahaha”

Blogging buddy Jan said everything right on this status message he posted on my FB wall, while I was texting (till my fingers have swollen and the keypad of my mobile phone is already screaming to call 911) those people who have installed the internet connection in our home.

The Tale of SmartBro and its Not-so-smart Service

There are three things that I guess a blogger needs in order to be called one:  first, a blog; second, a more or less decent writing skills; and third, an internet connection.  Good looks and charm only come as plus factors.

So alas, I applied for an internet connection on the last week of November, only after asking the advice of so many friends, fellow bloggers and searching Big G’s archives of what internet service provider will I choose and would give me the best service there is, or at least in our area.  I asked also our neighbors and they unanimously voted for SmartBro, saying that its service from your application down to the actual internet speed is faster than a bullet train traversing the provinces of Japan.  Ok, SmartBro for me!  Felt so smart too.

So I sent my application happily and “innocently” or will the right word be trustingly?  Anyways, my application got approved in less than 4 hours!  How about that!  Indeed faster than the PNR trains traveling from Bicol to Manila, huh, and even much faster than doing a transaction on government agencies.

The next most logical thing to do is to make a payment:  and so I did last Dec. 1 at the Smart Wireless Center near our place where people were scattered all over doing their shopping for the holidays.  The guy who processed my SmartBro application assured me, even trying to boast that as soon as I made the payment, they will install everything the next day or even within the day.  Wow, that is what you call efficient service, service par excellence!  I felt so smart again.

Unfortunately, three days after, still no internet connection.  I was still writing my posts on my notebook (literally)…pages of my notebook.  Hey, I was getting paranoid, where is the net now?  I was thinking of some conspiracy being cooked by the people at Malacañang or the Ampatuans to prevent me from having an internet connection and watch Mommy Dionesia dance via livestream?  What duh!

The trying-to-be-a-good citizen that I am, I went to the Smart Wireless Center once again after work and diplomatically protested my case though I was all so pissed off deep inside that I thought I was slowly transforming into an angry WWF Champion Batista in front of other customers with muscles trying hard to pop up from my thin arms and shoulders.

They got my ID and receipt of payment, photocopied and told me that they will process everything, for their system is just encountering some technical problems.  And I asked with suspicion, as when people say they are encountering technical problems, most of the time it means, you’ve got served:  “When will all this “technical problems be fixed?” And the answer of the lady across the table, “Soon, Sir”. Kaboom!

And, how soon is soon? Damn, it took me two weeks actually!!!

Went back to their office for the second time around after a week of making my payment, posted on their office door:  “All personnel attended the X’mas Party.  Office Closed.” Arggh!  They are already partying while their customer is not yet being served his due?

I went back to their office for the third time trying to assure myself that the third day is the day of resurrection, tagging with me the technician whom I already befriended after my constant checking (or nagging) of when I will have my net.  Oh my, I spent more than 30 minutes seated, waiting for their personnel to process my query.  And after the long agony, the guy went back to me and said:  “Tomorrow Sir, you will have your connection already.  Everything is OK now.” I was looking at his hands, saw that he was not crossing his fingers and felt some sigh of relief.

The next day: Got my net at last!!!  After two weeks!  After going to SmartBro’s office thrice!  And if I haven’t processed my complaint, my application would have been spending a cold yuletide season on their desk.

Fastforword: After a day of using the net, the adapter was busted!  No internet connection.  Damn, SmartBro is now SmartBro-ken?  Had to call in the technician again to do the fixing.  Had an Ampatuan elite CVOs (civilian volunteer organization) infiltrated our homes and tweaked my net’s adaptor?  Oh my…Or Gloria Arroyo’s henchmen did some dirty tricks on the adaptor?

But now, everything is back to normal in so far as the internet connection is concerned.  I can’t say about tomorrow or the coming days though.  They said, they will make adjustments too on my account and on how much I am to pay.

Now I can blog freely and soon maybe put up a farm too in order to give myself a much needed break from the headache of processing my SmartBro internet application; or if another gadget they installed is once again busted, maybe have to practice my shooting skills by killing Mafia members after picking strawberries.

Any similar experience guys, for SmartBro users or any internet service providers (ISP) you dealt with?  How did you handle such similar situations?  Any thoughts?

Image from GladysMuana

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