A few days away unplugged from the rest of the online world is already a long blogging vacation for me, highlighted by a long weekend giving me more time than usual to procrastinate and end up becoming a lazy dog on the couch feeding on MSG-coated chips and lots of sugary carbonated drinks enough to burn a hole on my stomach.

Bloated and dizzy, I was still connected with all the news that has been happening around the town for the past days courtesy of man’s greatest invention:  the television.

Here are some of my observations:

  • Erap Estrada is fuming at rival presidentiable Manny Villar.  No it is not because Villar proposed another extension of the famed C-5 road right at the heart of Erap’s San Juan home or on his mistresses’ mansions.  He is crying out that Villar is a political copycat; copied his political strategies like launching a presidential bid at the heart of Tondo.  What the action star is most pissed off though is Villar’s copying of his campaign color of “orange.”  Manny Villar has so far not yet given his statement on the copyright issue but Erap is hell bent on bringing the fight to the Supreme Court of Color Wheel.
  • Action stars, bold stars, basketball players, TV hosts, broadcast journalists, actors and actress are back on the campaign spotlight to take a shot (for others, once again.  Again?!) at different government positions on May 2010. Everyone is set to having more than enough seasonal rations of entertainment and funfare during campaign trails of these politicians:  dancing, singing, poetry reading, dribbling and shooting skills, autograph signing and I don’t know if there will be some semi-nude pole dancing too, but who knows; desperate measures are needed by desperate candidates.
  • Political groups are obviously courting Efren Penaflorida, that simpleton who won this year’s CNN Hero of the Year Award.  Any presidentiable who can convince Efren to raise his hand will somewhat rise up like Moses carrying with him the revered stone tablets.  But I trust Efren will not shame himself and all his long years of silent efforts for the youth by meddling into the dirty world of politics.  And his work and educational ministry?  A strong affirmation of the failure of the government to provide its youth of their right to “quality” education for instead giving students overpriced noodles, overpriced and erroneous textbooks and overcrowded classrooms.  While GMA promised to donate more “karitons” to support the work of Efren.  More “karitons” than improving the system and quality of education.  Don’t get astounded when you will see thousands of “karitons” soon grabbing lanes in EDSA.
  • Andal Ampatuan, primary suspect of the Maquindanao massacre is afraid of sleeping inside his quarter said the NBI spokesman.  Afraid of what?  Well, the spokesman shared that their visitor is afraid of ghosts.  Have I heard that right?  A man who engineered the killing of 57 people is afraid of ghosts?!  Or those ghosts that he is afraid of are the very same ghosts of the innocent people he brutally murdered on broad daylight? Ampatuan’s lawyer however is quick to belie those statements saying that his client is a very brave man who fears nothing except the dreaded roaches; and if only his client has his AK 47 on his hand, he could have sent to hell all those roaches and had a good night sleep on his new-found home.
  • Sec. Cerge Remonde went up confidently to the protesters on Mendiola waving his hand on stage saying he is contestant #13 and was vying at all cost for the special award, Mr. Friendship.  He spoke up a few words on stage while his audience readily covered themselves with umbrellas from the spewing of human volcanic residue from Mt. Vesuvius. But the protesters were easily reminded by their anger on the Maguindanao massacre and the government’s obvious protection of its allies that they went berserk; showing that they were not at all so friendly to the palace emissary and threw at him stuffs easily available at the venue:   ostrich eggs, moth balls, Marikina shoes, overpriced lamp posts, exotic animals, rotten underwear, fertilizer from Joc-Joc Bolante, mouthwash and canned sardines.  Trying to show he deserves the award, he went away still all smiles and waving his hand affectionately, after which he dialed his mobile phone and called the Davao Death Squad.
  • GMA’s running for congress is being hit by so many sectors as a full proof manifestation of how she is so drunk and addicted with power; aside from sex maybe.  Her executive secretary bared the real score of it all:  Charter Change.  The sound of cha-cha is now once again humming up in the air, and up this early, her allies are already scouting for the best dance instructors in town (with the StreetBoyz, Maneuvers, Mel Feliciano and G-Force saying that they are already fully-booked by the legislators who want to learn the steps perfectly)  to train them on strutting their fat lazy asses on the dance floor of Congress.

If not for that rare God-given talent of being so lazy over the weekend and gluing myself up to the television, until I am already feeling a tingling sensation like an alarm clock ringing inside my skull and my very own television begging me to stop the grave molestation, I would have not observed these important news and events and got back on my senses.

But I guess writing this post about my observations with MSG scattering all over the uneasy letters and numbers on my computer keyboard gives me my total redemption from living a life of a 21st century sloth.

How about you guys, any particular news or events all through out the week that has caught your attention?

Image from Team Grizzly

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