Philippine Standard Time Bill to Synchronize all Clocks in RP

December 29th, 200912:42 am @ elmot


Philippine Standard Time Bill to Synchronize all Clocks in RP

Soon all clocks will register the same time all around the country.

House Bill 6905, or the Philippine Standard Time (PST) Bill was filed by 19 lawmakers and was passed and approved on third and final reading at the House of Representatives, reading for transmission to the Senate.

This bill aims to address the lack of an official time in the country.

Main author of the bill Rep. Magtanggol Gunigundo explained,

“With a synchronized set PST, we can welcome a new year in unison, blend time sensitive chemical mixtures like medicine and food ingredients, and synchronized security locks and other devices. By synchronizing the official watches and clocks in the entire archipelago, all Filipinos can sing the national anthem at the same time.”

This is good news only if our government officials are not arriving late on speaking engagements and their sessions (if not always absent).

The serious question though is, do Filipinos really have a sense of time? More than setting all the clocks around the to a certain standard in order for us to a synchronized chronology of things, are the Filipinos have a sense of chronological time? Or the discipline to respect and value time and that of other people’s time?

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