Congresswoman Gloria Arroyo? Leaves a Bad Taste in the Mouth

December 1st, 20094:24 pm @ elmot



Congresswoman Gloria Arroyo? Leaves a Bad Taste in the Mouth

No more playing games and the serenade made by the mayors of Pampanga at the Palace urging President Gloria Arroyo to run for congress if not threatening her that they will do the filing of her candidacy themselves for her was no more than what eunuchs do best:  to add more air to the over-inflated ego of their master, or in this case, the hand that feeds them cold cash.

There are obviously people who are raising legal questions (one of them is Former President Erap Estrada himself whose running for the Presidency is also subject to a legal tussle) as to the legality of Mrs. Arroyo running for a lower government position as to the constitutional provision saying that the President is not allowed to run for any reelection with the word “any” spelling out the big difference.  No three-letter word in Philippine history could spell out a big difference for our country’s future and to more years of Lucifer dancing to the streets and painting the town of Pampanga bloody red.

I will leave though such complicated legal issue to those they refer as “the guys who knows better “on the constitution and its interpretation, though we are pretty sure that there is no such thing as a universal interpretation of our laws:  it is still all about personalities, individual belief systems, political powerplay and sometimes level of personal “emo” moments among those who decide about what the law really says.

I don’t care if GMA wins as a congresswoman of the second district of her most beloved province which I think is already a given.  I am actually doing my best already to train my tongue on saying Congresswoman Gloria Arroyo despite my tongue rebelling against my brain saying it would rather want to end up on a sizzling plate for a lengua estofada than speaking of heretical statements and end up excommunicated.  Speaking of martyrdom.

Here are my thoughts about the issue.  Good thing, I am not using my tongue to deliver these quick thoughts and typing on a computer keyboard has added on another reason for me to be grateful of living during the 21st century.

1.  GMA winning the congressional seat without much resistance is a given.  His son Mikey Arroyo therefore has to find some more suitable government position for him as he gives way for his beloved mother to invade his district.  If his mother, a President runs for a lower office, I think following the dictates of precedence, Mikey is set to run for a Barangay Kagawad.  But his biggest problem is how to justify a barangay kagawad owning a beach house in the U.S.  I am betting my 13th-month pay on this one.  Oh, that was my tongue doing the betting, not my brain.

2.  There are speculations and fear that this is only one way for GMA to avoid lawsuits and stage another big comeback to the palace by becoming a Prime Minister when the constitution is changed and maneuvered by all her allies in the lower house of congress, who by the way still compose a big chunk of legislators we continually elect to watch fist-fights in Vegas.  Pro-administration people will say that many have come to love fiction so much and the telenovelas.

Given that GMA is elected and many of her allies are still in the legislature, it will be definitely a different story when it comes to the people who are set to take the seat of the executive branch of the government after May 2010.  Most probably, it will be Noynoy Aquino or Manny Villar, but as sure as GMA cheated on the 2007 elections, it will not be Gilbert Teodoro.  To this, GMA will work co-equal with other legislators and will not have a free hand to government funds and machinery to bribe and allies and threaten oppositionists.  Her pork barrel is at the disposal of the new president.  Therefore, she can plan to return to power, but it will be a very difficult task that lies ahead of her.  Lots of political complexity at that time; different heads of government agencies like the PNP and AFP, and a different signature on government checks.  But we all know those nine years as a president has for sure earned for her a very fat check book, very FAT.  Hmmm…

3.  The next president will take a daily dose of Ibuprofen and become the new endorser of pain killers and sleeping pills.  GMA will give the next president the uneasiness he does not want as an executive.  GMA will still be a thorn on his throat – a little Cabalen thorn that does not paralyze its victim but rather give it a good sense of daily paranoia.  If Noynoy becomes the president, he will lose more hair (but I think Kris could handle this for him).  If it’s Manny Villar, an alliance with GMA is not impossible with both of them dancing “Igiling-giling” during the presidential ball.  If it is Erap Estrada, he should be wary when his second year in office comes near, he may once again end up fleeing away from the Presidential Palace through the Pasig River.

4.  GMA running for a lower office though may eventually be decided as legal (remember, almost 90% of all justices in the Supreme Court were all her appointees) speaks only of a further affirmation of the ill of her personhood and governance.  Her lapdogs will say that it is the people’s clamor for her to run, that she is still young and vibrant, that she can still serve more and continue her programs and she can still give the nation more reason for workers to leave the country; are all good words hiding hideous agenda.  I remembered also when it was the people’s clamor too for her to jump off presidential jet while it was gliding through the stratosphere with so many corruption issues raised against her.  She may have been busy listening to her I-pod that time playing “I Will Survive”.

She already had all the power and resources at her disposal as president to serve the people and provide the needs of the nation; now she is running for a lower post to serve the people and fully provide for their needs?  Therefore, she hasn’t actually served as a worthwhile President, nothing more, nothing less.  Her running for a lower post is definitely for survival and greed for power.  It may be legal, but it is not the wisest, most prudent and dignified decision for her.  Well, we have seen her having nothing of these sterling qualities the past years though she asked for our forgiveness.

Prodded about her motivation on seeking a much lower government position after becoming the President of this nation fro nine years, GMA said:

“I have come to realize that I can best serve the nation from a seat in Congress should I be elected.”

PoOf!!!  If all you can reason out is that you can best serve this nation by being a legislator, then you should have stepped down many years ago and spared all of the 90 million Filipinos the constant headache of senseless poverty, vomiting due induced shamelessness and the daily utterances of the French language that has easily earned for many of us a business class ticket down to the netherworld come the day of reckoning (with her?).

Again, I am not at all worried if ever she wins as a congresswoman.  But I am now sending out copies of my CVs to foreign employers.

How about you guys?  Any thoughts about President Gloria Arroyo running for congress on May 2010?  For Cabalens who visited and have read this post:  will you vote for her; why, why not?

Image from Ellen Tordesillas

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