Anything that We are Still Proud of as Filipinos?

December 19th, 20091:19 pm @ elmot


Anything that We are Still Proud of as Filipinos?

Philippines is the most dangerous place for journalist in the whole universe; 57 people murdered in broad daylight; NBN-ZTE Scandal; Fertilizer Scam; activists still missing;  this nation being on the top list of the most corrupt nation in the world; 8 out of 10 young Filipinos cannot have a college education; millions of Filipinos have nothing to eat everyday; unsolved crimes are still growing in numbers as victims are finding justice to be so elusive like a life living in prosperity; pollution, landslides, illegal logging, flooding; insufficient government services and programs for the citizens; more taxes on the people; private armies being funded by the State; wide gap between the rich and the poor; and many more ills that could only make one go depressed and question the meaning of one’s continued living in this country.

It is so easy to know all these news, easier to remember them for many and easiest for some to lose heart and cling on to hope.

But are these all that our country could offer?  Are these all that we could give the world that has looked up to us as a nation that bravely withstand against brutal conquerors, greedy tyrants, costly wars and the darkness of dictatorship?

I think there are many more things that we could be more proud of than all these news and events that may easily make us be leveled with beasts thriving in the jungles of survival and self-centeredness.  I am sure, that there so many treasures that this nation is proud of than all these insanities sprawling over our daily living.  I know that we are proud of who we are and can rise up against all odds and all challenges because of our strength of character, faith as a nation and braveness of heart.

With all these negative news staining the beauty and pride of our race, the Filipinos; and our blessed nation, the Philippines, is there anything that we are still proud of?  What are those things that are more worthy to know and share to the world?  What good news that we Filipinos could take pride and shout to the world without fear or hesitation?

Image from Pinoy Expression

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