Noynoy Aquino’s Political Advertisement, a Station ID of Media Giants?

November 5th, 20092:33 pm @ elmot



Noynoy Aquino’s Political Advertisement, a Station ID of Media Giants?

By now, many of us have already seen Noynoy Aquino’s political advertisement that has been running on TV stations trying to rival the political ads of his fellow presidentiables.

But what makes Noynoy Aquino’s political ad stand out among its competitors is that this guy who is rallying on a new dawn of politics in a country mired by decades of traditional politicians and dynamics is using the very traditional way of campaign on broadcast media.

With Regine Velasquez singing “Hindi Ka Nag-iisa” (lyrics here) as Noynoy Aquino’s campaign theme song, throngs of celebrities flocked his ad on yellow shirts carrying with them torches in a dramatic fashion.

Like a legendary messiah trying to bring a nation into the Promise Land, the climactic effects of his political advertisement is much measured though by the over-saturated emphasis of TV personalities and celebrities rallying behind him, if not becoming the real faces of the advertisement exposing its lack of depth in terms of what he really intends to do to the nation.

The vagueness, over-saturation of celebrities and mystified approach of Noynoy’s political ad brings me think of two things:

1.   I thought there is already perpetual peace between the two giant media outfit; that the ad is actually a station ID of both GMA and ABS-CBN made manifest by the big stars from both networks rallying on the ads with more exposure than that of the one who is running for the presidency.

2.  I am highly expecting that this is the first and the last kind of political ad by Noynoy Aquino that uses this type of strategy with telenovela effect and mystification trying to rival the creation of Tolkien of the Lord of the Rings, or to that effect.  Hopefully after this ad, a real political ad will be shown outlining straightforward political reforms, programs and policies that he will advocate and implement once elected into the highest office.

Watch Noynoy Aquino’s political adverstisement here:

So what is your opinion of Noynoy Aquino’s political ad?  Any thoughts?

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