Manny Pacquiao vs. Travel Ban on Public Officials

November 3rd, 200910:54 am @ elmot


Manny Pacquiao vs. Travel Ban on Public Officials

He is like a voice in the wilderness crying out loud for his people to mend their ways and return with repentant hearts back to the fold of the people who are still languishing the torment of calamities and poverty brought about by the calamities and greed of the powerful and influential few.  But his calling was unheeded only for him to notice that he was all alone standing by himself in the silent halls of the unrepentant Congress.

Congressman Joson of Nueva Ecija has filed House Resolution 371 seeking a three-year travel ban for legislators and public officials with all the trips to be stiffly monitored and justified as to their purposes and cost.  His resolution seeks to help the nation rebuild itself through austerity measures by the government after the tragic display of nature’s fury that leveled many structures into rubles and destroyed individual dreams costing the nation of more than 10 billion pesos in damages.  Add to this is the ballooning budget deficit of the government this year amounting to almost 300 billion pesos compared to only 60 billion pesos from last year due to inefficient tax collection, tax evasion and rampant smuggling.

But up to this point, his resolution has fallen on deaf ears in the Lower House of Congress; and actually many of his fellow legislators with Speaker Nograles himself already running away from their legislative responsibilities by flying to the United States for vacation, business trips and of course watch the much anticipated fight of Manny Pacquiao on November 14 in Las Vegas.

“I call this manhid (insensitive).  Many of our countrymen are still suffering from the typhoon devastation and they are spending a lot of money just to justify their whims”

Said Congressman Joson.

This has always been the ways of many spoiled political figures of our country living a life of lavishness using taxpayers’ money while their very own people are still puzzled on how they are going to rebuild their lives after being crushed by forces beyond their control.  Legislators could easily bond together on issues that will fatten their paychecks but are so fast to stow away when important issues are to be addressed that will eventually bring to a standstill their spring of overflowing milk and honey.

And it is not only the roads of the Philippines existing like a ghost town for a day and crime rates going zero during Pacquiao’s mega-fights, but all the more the Lower of Congress being shut down:  with all our beloved Congressmen living la vida loca in Sin City.

Do you agree with Congressman Joson’s proposal for a travel ban for three years to all government officials in order to help rebuild our nation?

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