Maguindanao Massacre: The Apex of Evil Governance

November 26th, 20092:30 pm @ elmot



Maguindanao Massacre:  The Apex of Evil Governance

WTF is happening to this country?!

I have been personally mourning since Monday. The Maguindanao massacre is for me so unimaginable; a barbaric and demonic act of violence that one sunny day happened to our nation, that unlike Iraq or Afghanistan, is not plunged into a daily bloodbath because of war.

Has life has been so cheap for the suspected Ampatuans, local demigods of Maguindanao that ordinary people; women, a life in a womb of a mother, journalists who are just doing their jobs of telling the truth as it happens, and those who were caught at the wrong place and the wrong time, could easily be ended in unparalleled brutality and shameless display of political and material arrogance?


Brutality of the Maguindanao Massacre

Women were raped; victims were tortured and shot at close range, shattering their skulls; the wife of Ishmael Mangudadatu was brutally killed by piercing her eyes, stabbing her body and shooting her sex organ; some where mutilated; buried in a empty pit together with cars that were smashed by an excavator owned by the provincial government; while other victims’ bodies were ran over by vehicles. The perpetrators easily beats the Abu Sayaff in notoriety.

Where in the world could a heinous crime on such a large scale of deaths and brutality happen in just a day? The scene of mutilated and tortured bodies of helpless victims is comparable to the tortures perpetrated by the Japanese and Nazi forces during the World War II. But for heaven’s sake, we are not even into war! Were the perpetrators and masterminds high on drugs or simply the embodiment of the gods and its minions coming from the darkest corner of the netherworld?


Maguindanao Massacre: Another Guinness Record for the Philippines

Today, death toll from the mass murder at Maguindanao stands at 57. Another feat for the Philippines: the most number of journalists killed in a single day at a single incident, and at least 18 journalists were killed at the massacre. This is for the statistics aside from always topping corruption rankings worldwide.

To this, our nation automatically became the “most dangerous place for journalists in the planet” even beating Iraq. And on the administration of Gloria Arroyo, the killing of journalists is one of the greatest highlight of her corrupted governance with 74 deaths and most of these unresolved.

Anyone so damn proud of these figures should go to hell.


The Suspected Ampatuans: DEMONS

So many things have been said already about this notorious local war lords: from being the saving grace of Gloria Arroyo during the 2004 elections delivering the goods for her and Sen. Zubiri; maintaining private armies which are by the way funded by taxpayers’ money (through GMA‘s EO 546 issued on July 2006); notoriety of their governance and corruption in Maguindanao with all their big mansions, vast holdings, convoys of luxury cars, public arrogance and gazillions of bodyguards clad in military uniforms and high-powered fire arms while Maguindanao stands as the 3rd poorest province in the country; and a clout of the political dynasty to so many government positions in the region of Mindanao. (read here for more about the Ampatuans)

But the best definition/description to the Ampatuans whose hands are full of blood from the lives of 57 innocent people that we all mourn for: DEMONS!


Double Standard Justice System Under GMA

But what is more glaring in the Maguindanao Massacre is the disturbing fact that the administration handled the case in a very extraordinary way as if so helpless and fearsome of the murderers’ wrath.

The Palace sent an envoy to the murderer’s lair early Tuesday to talk to them diplomatically and assure them that due process and all the nonsense stuffs will run their course and they should cooperate. For heaven’s sake! Where in the world will you see that the President sends an envoy to tell the murderers and blood-thirsty suspects from the war lord’s clan that everything is fine and that due diligence is being observed and at that due process is assured to them. WTF! No one was ever arrested; only today after 4 days when the massacre happened that someone was surrendered.

I could easily remember broadcaster Ted Failon’s case. When her wife committed suicide, police barraged into his home arresting him and everyone that they could find without even any solid evidence against these suspected individuals; sending them to jail for a couple of days detailing them as suspects.

When the son of an undersecretary of the Palace was shot dead due to a traffic altercation, police forces immediately mobilized to search the houses where the suspect is thought to have been hiding and were resolute to get him and send him to jail.

When an ordinary man is killed by gangsters or a alcoholic freak in a neighborhood; policemen automatically swoop down like hungry vultures to take on the alleged suspects and bring them to jail.

But when a powerful ally of the President and a very powerful political clan she is greatly indebted to is suspected and pointed out by some witnesses to have killed 57 people brutally; the President sends an envoy to assure murderers of due process and equal protection of the law and due diligence from authorities with no one being arrested, only until the suspected mastermind Datu Unsay Andal Ampatuan Jr. surrendered himself to authorities.

As if rendering the public inutile of the clear manifestation of the government in not only harboring a criminal, a murderer, but also circumventing the law to appease an ally.

That is justice in a country ruled by a corrupt and morally bankrupt government. The wheel of justice depends on who is on the steering wheel and who loads the gas full tank.


Governance of Evil Breeds Evil

Romulo Neri got it right: GMA is evil. And with an evil President forming, feeding, condoning, funding and protecting her evil broods well-positioned in all parts of the country, we are sure to see evil deeds and unimaginable crimes happening day in and day out.

Cito Beltran said it right too: the Ampatuans are GMA’s lapdogs. And when a dog bites a neighbor, its owner is the one who is being held accountable by the victim and its family. Unfortunately, GMA who is the patron of the wild dogs in this case is very much afraid that her dogs might bite her too.

Atrocities will continue to happen. Unimaginable acts against humanity will continue to be reported. And the rape of Lady Justice will perpetuate as long as an evil leader is seated on a highest position on the land breeding more evils on localities and condoning existing evils to plague our society and our poverty.

The National Day of Mourning issued by the Palace should be aptly be called a National Day of Adding Insult to Injury. Nothing more hurts than showing to the public how much the President loves a suspected murderer and turning a blind eye to all the killings of journalists, activists and unforced disappearances on those who fight for truth and justice for the longest time now.

“I wanted these Ampatuans to be beheaded“ I shouted out as a cry for justice bordering on a knee-jerk reaction (but I am pretty sure, many of you are thinking the same). But Cocoy hastily reminded me “No no no beheading! That will be too humane! They should be in pain for the rest of their natural life!”

But I fear sooner or later this suspected Ampatuan when after conviction will be back to his former glory if ever GMA or the allies of the clan grab the leadership; legally or illegally. It is still fresh in my memory how GMA took out of jail and pardoned convicted criminals like Tehankee and Jalosjos. They are her lapdogs, but she is damn scared they might bite her.


Image from Times Online

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