Another Brouhaha After the Pacquiao Fight

November 17th, 20092:54 pm @ elmot


Another Brouhaha After the Pacquiao Fight

Miguel Cotto has been floored twice and beaten up like a tenderized meat only to show on the last rounds of the fight what cycling skills can give to a boxer inside the ring especially when pursued ruthlessly by no less than Manny Pacquiao like a hungry lion running after a sumptuous meal.  The streets of the Philippines were clear; government officials were spending taxpayers’ money on Vegas; Fr. Sinnott was earlier released for his abductors to watch without interruption the match dubbed as “Fire Power”.  And of course some over-excited Pinoys held on to dear life at each brawling encounters until they breathe their last.  At least 9 Pinoys died of heart attack watching the fight.  Indeed Dana White of UFC is right, boxing is really a dangerous sport; even to those who are just watching from the comfort of their homes.

Well, it may be said that Pacquiao undoubtedly reigns inside the ring and into the annals of boxing history as the “greatest” of his time; Mommy Dionesia meanwhile tries to gain the upper hand by asking his superstar son to retire from the deadly sport lest she goes for a boob job early next year and do the unprecedented bold movie with Victor Woods entitled “Patikim ng Pac-Mommy.”

But an issue that never fails to surface after each fight of the Pacman like the never-ending sex scandals of celebrities to SEO enthusiasts’ delight; that not even a power punch or a stinging left hook could floor it down, is the singing of the national anthem before Pacquiao rushes in for a scientific multi-million brawl.

After the “Fire Power” Match, Ambeth Ocampo and the people of the National Historical Institute took the center stage to decry La Diva’s rendition of the national anthem saying they violated the law that instructs on how to sing properly the “Lupang Hinirang”.  Furthermore, these ancient people who went out from the caves of Plato said that the trio exceeded the stipulated length of time the anthem should have been sung due to their altering of its melody from a marching song into a ballad punctuated by a high pitch note that reverberated up to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

How many times have we heard the howling of the people at NHI and even of some trying-to-be-patriotic legislators decrying the issue of bastardizing our national anthem by improperly singing it?  Christian Bautista and Martin Nievera to name a few of the badly wounded singers.

There is no arguing that the National Anthem is very very important though some “emo” would argue that it will only stand next to Naruto and Green Day.  It is a sign of our nationhood; it is the embodiment of our individual and collective aspirations, hopes and dreams.

However, I am already personally pissed off by these unending instances when agencies tend to police the singing of the National Anthem and only to bark after it, seemingly trying to show that our sense of patriotism is only limited to such an exercise.  While other countries do not give so much big fuzz about their artists’ rendition of their national anthems – except when a celebrity uttered F**k! after singing their national anthem – as much as we make so much of an issue out of it here.  It somehow then opens a little area where we can see that maybe we are not that yet so secured of our own patriotism that some severely relies on conforming to “how should it be sung” rather than savoring the moment of honor and unity and glory; the way little children savor the moment of eating an ice cream under the summer sun.

There is no problem with me abiding what is written in the book.  But it is already over-bearing; it is pissing me off now.  No other logical explanations for me.  My barometer has passed the limit.  Pissed off.

Then again as they say, it is the law.

Well, the next time Pacquiao brawls in Vegas maybe with Money Mayweather, how about April Boy Regino singing the national anthem?  Or Mommy Dionesia?  I heard she is having voice lessons in preparation for her upcoming music album.  What about that!

Any thoughts guys?  Do you agree with the people at the National Historical Institute or it is already time to unleash the vocal prowess of Mommy Dionesia to sing the national anthem next time around?  Anyone for April Boy Regino?

Image from Sky Scraper City

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