I don’t know exactly what to post.

Good thing, I was on a jeepney ride with four old women who were trying to fatally convince one another that what they individually say is actually the truth; like preachers on busy street corners telling everyone to stop believing on false “Gods”, false doctrines, and the killer line of course, to mend our ways and follow the “real truth” lest suffer the anger of God.  Wow, is there such a thing as a real truth or semi-real truth?

These women were actually discussing the fact that another strong typhoon is hovering closely near our country and is gathering strength to pour in its fury to hapless victims; as if the previous typhoons that had brought tremendous flooding and damages to properties and crops were not enough.

Though most of their opinions were poles apart, all of a sudden they instantaneously agreed that all these typhoons, flooding, earthquakes and miseries of men are all God’s punishment to humanity for its sinfulness and treachery to the “truth”. Or as they qualified it, the “real truth”.

I felt Jack Nicholson screaming inside my membrane:  “You can’t handle the truth!”

There are always some reverberating effects to our ears and a small something being pinched inside us whenever we hear the word “truth”.

What is really the truth?

Truth is, I don’t also really know the “whole truth”.

The truth is always being challenged by the personalities, behaviors, attitudes and interests that surround it.  It could easily be manipulated but very difficult to be faithful with especially when the truth runs counter to a personal agenda.  It is like a face-to-face confrontation between the death that will give you eternal life and the instant gratification that will give you eternal damnation.

Many students have even understood the truth as could be defined by particular situations, instances and call of practicality.  Gone were the days for some when the truth is nothing but the truth, no matter what the circumstances could be:  or simply put it, the truth could never be compromised.

I once asked a big group of students if they cheat during examinations and on making their assignments.  And they unanimously roared the affirmation like hungry lions as if showing their pride on doing the act.

Some even shared that cheating is not bad; it is an act of generosity for the one who gives the answers and a academic salvation for the one who copied.  It has somewhat taken the new definition as not only an act of generosity but also of a “fad” among some of the teens.  Better to cheat than to fail so they say.

It is therefore quite a big challenge for educators today on strictly implementing a “No Cheating” policy inside the classroom or even inside the university when what the students see in the different public and private institutions are big political figures who went unpunished after cheating bigtime on government projects and contracts, election and even on face-to-face confrontations regarding irregularities on governance.  Colluding to twist the truth and showering the graces of financial rewards to all those who wants to join the financial bandwagon; these are the concrete challenges to everyday learning of students and parenting.  Better to cheat than to fail.

Hey, I am not immaculate.  I also cheated or haven’t exactly said the truth on many instances of my life.  But I think does not mean that I cannot speak of the truth nor choose what is true anymore.  At least I haven’t cheated to make thousands and millions live on daily misery.

A student particularly went up to me on one occasion and said:  “Why are you so strict with us regarding the “No Cheating” policy and even punishes us when we err when many of our elected officials are cheating here and there and they are not punished but even get riches and more powerful?”

Felt Jack screaming again:  “You can’t handle the truth!”

But my simple reply was: “Because we don’t want you to grow up cheating like them.”

That is the difficult truth we are all wrestling with.

Image by KekeNet

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