I cannot really get this out of my head, just like the need to put up a high-speed internet connection at home: unless I write and share about it. Yes, another blogging issue for me if I may. Simply put it:  Blogging rant.

Have you experienced being told to shut up on Twitter? No, this is not a direct message that is confined between the privacy of the two of you and to hell with everyone else if you both will do a fist fight or a word war.

Being told to shut up on the public timeline of Twitter and be told to twit twit twit this more worthy stuff than twitting crap?

Sounds nasty isn’t it? Yes it is.

Shut Up And Twit These Stuffs Instead

It happened two weeks ago while Typhoon Ondoy was wrecking havoc on Metro Manila and on many parts of Luzon. Yes, I was tweeting during that time braving the heavy rains and some flooding near our area. Good thing I have my own rubber boat.  What was I tweeting?

Obviously I was tweeting my posts and my thoughts and all, like “Oh my goodness, when will this heavy rain stop?” and “Crocs on the Loose” and “Darn, I am so tired”…etc.   And it is no accident for me to tweet socio-political issues and ideas nor was I just trying to piss off some very serious people out there while other Filipinos were drowning and wet and hungry and holding on to dear life. Was it like rubbing salt to bleeding wound?

Out of nowhere a stranger (a stranger in the most literal sense that made me ask myself why in the world have I followed this guy in the first place) twitted me saying: “Dude you should stop tweeting political stuffs. Tweets better used for info dissemination on typhoon right now. Seriously.”

Huwaaat??? Are you serious? Ok, I see it, you are.

I totally understand the predicament of this guy who tweeted me from somewhere. Maybe he was very very upset over what has happened with the flooding here and there and all the destruction in brought the metropolis.

But hey, you tweeted that on the public timeline. It was like it also rained on me so hard.

What to Do Someone Told You to Shut Up on Twitter

I tried to keep myself all calm and tried to re-read his message over and over again. Letter and words all in my brain. And after so many times of reading the message trying to confirm what I thought of, I still ended up thinking that he indeed crossed the border.

Here is how I handled the particular blogging issue:

1.   Tried to re-read the message if it was indeed offending, or that he said some truth, or I was just carried away by my excitement to get back at someone who tried to tell me to shut up and twit these kinds of stuffs instead.

2.  I asked another blogging buddy to examine the message if it was indeed offending. It is better sometimes to ask someone who is impartial to tell you of what he thinks on blogging issues. I just hope that blogging buddy I asked to assess the message was indeed impartial. *wink* And what makes this step more important is your BBFs (Blogging BestFriends) could also share some thoughts on how to easily handle these kinds of crazy stuffs.

3.  When your blogging buddy told you his opinion it is now up to you to decide if you are to launch your warheads right to the direction of that nasty guy or just let is pass by as if nothing happened. Will you defend yourself against the accusations of this man or cut off the cheap online relationship? Or was he worth keeping?

4. As for me, I felt offended for he has no right to tell me what to say and not to say; he has no right to twit that for the whole damn world to know; and he does not know nor even read what is the content and context of my posts.  He could have recommended on me to tweet those things that he wanted me to say on Twitter, that would have been all so fine but he choose to bully  me outright.  If I was not tweeting every second infos about the typhoon the, does that I mean I care less about the plight of our fellow Filipinos who were suffering the typhoon’s fury?

And it was the same thing that my BBF told me so I had to immediately cut short the shallow Twitter relationship. I immediately unfollowed the guy and cut off all relationships with him on other social networks. So that ended up our little online romance when he proposed to me to shut up. Hey, I am paid by speaking up.

It does not hurt anyway to unfollow people you do not really know and just makes your twitter counter bloated with uninteresting strangers. Unless this is a very close blogging buddy, I will certainly think twice of cutting off the Twitter relationship. I would rather trade barbs and show my punching power, for in the end it will just be a painful process of pruning and strengthening our friendship; than to totally cut off the friendship.

Blogging Issue Again?  And more?

Well, blogging is a place full of issues, intrigues and nasty people. But don’t get all too afraid. The great, talented, happy and helpful people outnumber those who cannot live up what their mommas taught them during their younger years.

When confronted with blogging issues? Be calm. (Yes Bros, I now learned this rare blogging virtue). And consult other blogging buddies especially those who could be called “pros”, “veterans” or “more experienced” for their wisdom if you are uncertain on how to handle such irritating issues. Then, decide.

But certainly, never stop from blogging. There will be more of this kind of issue as you go along on your blogging endeavor; but at that time, you are already  a “pro” by your own right.

On to you now guys. Have you experienced being told not to tweet what you are tweeting on the public timeline of Twitter and look tweet for some more worthy stuffs? How did you or would you handle such incidents and blogging issues?

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