After this post, I am done.

I have been barking like a mad dog all fangs and red burning eyes on my previous post regarding someone “ssshhhhhh-ing” me on the public timeline of Twitter by not tweeting political topics and issues during the surge of Typhoon Ondoy.

There were varied opinions regarding the issue from bloggers and friends all over.  And I really appreciate everyone who shared their ideas about the situation.  But this time, I say that that guy spent a great time telling the wrong person to shut up on Twitter.  I say, his efforts only ended on futility like firing bullets that only hit the thin air.

Was I the one who was insensitive to the plight of our fellow countrymen?  Certainly he is barking on the wrong tree.  Come on guys.

I think that there are people out there who should have received the real bullying if we were truly fighting for the plight of our fellow countrymen standing tall like Gat Andres Bonifacio or Daddy Joe Rizal

And there are those who are not only insensitive to the plight of the victims of typhoon but who found the rare guts of even taking advantage of the harrowing situation to pursue their personal selfish political ambitions.  The nerve guys!  The nerve, really.

Manny Villar and His Political Brand

Exhibit A.  The picture shows bottled water with the name and smiling face of Presidential aspirant Manny Villar. These were distributed to evacuation centers during the typhoon.  Now that is what you call maximizing the opportunity.  Hitting two birds with just one stone:  helping the victims and the same time early campaigning to make up for the lost popularity stashed away by the presidentiable late comer Noynoy Aquino.

manny villar mineral water

I wonder if Manny Villar’s bottled water tastes differently from what I buy in the nearby store.  Does it contain a secret potion that would make me vote for him come May 2010?  Or it gives me the super power to become a billionaire.  Well, my grade school teacher said every one of us is a billionaire-in-the-making.

How about his one?  Exhibit B.  This picture I got from PinoyGossipboy’s site.  You cannot just give out a Manny Villar bottled water with food in it!  And the ingenuous and resourceful instinct in Villar came out.  That is what you call, grace and creativity under pressure and calamity.


Low and behold!  Food packed on styro containers with the tag “Tulong Mula Kay Manny Villar” (Help from Manny Villar) and of course the holy color of the billionaire senator on it:  orange sticker.

Ok, this could be faked and could be done by other detractors by the senator to tarnish his already-tarnished reputation. That quite puzzled me.  Anyways, saw the image on top of this post?  That is the headquarters of Senator Manny Villar repacking goodies on signatured Villar plastics.  To simply put it, he really took the effort and spent a good amount of money on producing all these signatured products.  That is political branding.  I am waiting for an orange underwear to be distributed with Villar’s face on and a big letter “V” at the back.  LOL!

You see the obvious guys.  Or just ask Aaron of PinoyGossipBoy regarding the authenticity of the styro containers (it is his finger on that anyway).  Or it could be a Happy Meal from Ronald McDonald.  Who knows?  LOL!

Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s Signatured Clothes for Evacuees

But if there is someone who is the mother of all traditional politicians who has been trying her best to salvage her sagging trust and popularity rating that is our very own dear Madam President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

gloria arroyo ondoy

Here is the image posted on Reuters with relief good (clothes) being distributed to residents of northern Luzon who were affected by Typhoon Pepeng.  Noticed the ordinary plastic bags pasted with a slogan saying it came from our very own dear President Arroyo? And could we even call those clothes usable?  I thought those were Mike Arroyo’s pants and shirt full of stains.

What makes her worse compared to Villar is that what Mrs. Arroyo is distributing come from donations of concerned citizens and from the coffer of the government, then labeled it as something that came from the President as if the recipients owe what they received from this mother of all traditional politicians.

In every disaster and challenges new doors of opportunity are being opened.  And that is what these two politicians did during the destructive visits of Typhoons Pepeng and Ondoy.  Capitalize the rare opportunity of building up their political agenda at the same time helping the poor and desperate victims of typhoons.

These are the real people who should not only receive the “sshhhh-ing” but also the anger of all those claiming to have the real empathy for the poor victims of typhoons.

But I guess only a few people will take notice of this particular issue.  So long as victims of typhoons are being helped anyway, so they say.

Now, tell me who is the one who is politicking during calamities?

Now I am cool.  I am drinking bottled water with Manny Villar’s face on it anyway.  And the water smells like money.  Yeah!

Do you know other politicians who had shown the trademarks of being traditional politicians?  What is their style?  Share them here.  I will give Manny Villar bottled water to all commenters.  LOL

Images from PinoyGossipboy, Reuters, Tunay Na Lalake

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