Joseph Erap Estrada and Jueteng for 2010

October 21st, 20096:00 am @ elmot



Joseph Erap Estrada and Jueteng for 2010

Here comes Joseph Erap Estrada again speaking what he is really made of with his usual coarse masculine voice, bouncing over sized belly and pomade-laden signature hair style:  that, he is a premiere patron of illegal numbers game.

As if the number of years he spent behind bars (oh, I forgot, he spent his time on a remodeled jail as if having a well-deserved vacation in the Bahamas) are not yet enough after being convicted on a plunder case for accepting tons of cash from jueteng kickbacks during his very short Presidency.  And up to this day, despite being pardoned by the present administration and enjoying the life of a free man, Mr. Estrada still denies having been involved in the proliferation of jueteng.  Talking about denials.

The Presidentiable of Illegal Numbers Game

Erap Estrada already declared his candidacy for next year’s presidential race as first signaled by his TV ad running like a man with a heavy metal ball chained right at his groin.  This despite some legal questions being raised by many camps especially from the very office that has given him the presidential pardon.

But what is he exactly to do when he becomes president?  Oh, my sheer thought of it makes me suicidal.

Of course he has lots of plans for us:  putting up more mansions for his burgeoning mistresses; bringing back the glory days of the Boracay Mansion by putting coral reefs and more white sand from Boracay Island; spend more time playing in the casino with Atong Ang; invite more bigtime spenders for mahjong games until the wee hours of the morning in the Palace; kill the on-going case of the Dacer-Corbito murder case; and maybe marry Mommy Dionesia for her to become the next First Lady of the republic.

Sounds exciting?

What is more exciting is of course his usual pro-poor stance and programs.  At last, we Filipinos will experience how it is to become rich citizens!  How?  To reach this penultimate goal of governing the nations as president, one step is to legalize the numbers game like jueteng to uplift the lives of the poor. Further he said:

“I’m not tolerating it but I”m for the legalization of jueteng…until we can find alternative jobs for the people.  “If you stop illegal gambling they might go to drugs.”

Wow!  Are we really having this guy who reasons out that if you stop X they might go to XXX as one of our choices for the presidency?  Man, that sucked up all the rationality I still have inside my brain.

Joseph Estrada really speaks up what he is made of.  And this is already one big reason for him not to be elected to the presidential office…once again.

Unless the jueteng lords and all their cohorts could outnumber us; or we are all getting afraid that our people might resort peddling illegal drugs if we stop jueteng.

Anyone who wants to have a president who is a premiere patron of illegal numbers game/jueteng, kindly raise your hand.  And John Rambo is gonna shoot you.

Image from The Great Reich

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