Global Warming Believers and Skeptics

October 23rd, 200912:40 pm @ elmot


Global Warming Believers and Skeptics

Stronger and more erratic behaviors of typhoons; rising sea levels; drought; extinction of animal species; bleaching of coral reefs; and new breed of diseases.  These are only a few of the long lists of the outcomes of the steady climb on the global temperature or what we call Global Warming.

The most recent devastation that the Typhoons Ondoy and Peping brought the country is now being attributed by the government to global warming that causes the shifting of standard climates among parts of the globe saying that “Nature is getting back at us. Environment degradation is a big problem that we have to contend with.”

Evidenced by the erratic behaviors of the weather when the country should have been experiencing some dry season, strong typhoons have been coming in and out of our country leaving private properties and livelihoods damaged and useless.  Adding to that is the heavy rainfall that Typhoon Ondoy poured in the Metro submerging many towns and cities to floodwaters is now one clear alarm signal that our nation surrounded by waters and on the runway of strong typhoons from the Pacific will surely experience more of these as catastrophic fruits of global warming and the changing of our climate.

Despite the renewed consciousness in protecting the environment that the calamities has ushered in for our government leaders and the people, there are still many people especially from the first world nations who simply shrugs off their shoulders and claim this whole global warming thing as a fake or “a science that has gone awry”…that become an “anti-science.”

Americans Decline Belief on Global Warming

Carbon dioxide emissions (CO2) which is particularly a big result of the rapid industrialization of nations is one of the main culprit being pointed out as causing the steep rise in global temperature over the last century.  The biggest sources of CO2 emissions could be attributed to the burning of fossil fuels, pollution from factories and big industries, power plants relying on fossil fuels and emissions from cars which are all basically considered as parts of the activities of man.

Presently, the United States ranks first (25.2%) as the biggest contributor of CO2 emissions in the planet followed by the booming economy of China (15.2%), Russia (6.7%), Japan (5.4%), and India (4.4%).

Despite of the numbers above, a recent survey about global warming among Americans reveals a steep decline from 77% to 57% among respondents who believes that global warming and the changing climate could not be attributed to human-caused activities and pollution.   This is also irregardless of the hype that United Nation, the U.S. Congress, President Obama and all other nations are all doing in addressing the very important global issue.

“It’s a combination of poor communication by scientists, a lousy summer in the Eastern United States, people mixing up weather and climate and a full-court press by public relations firms and lobby groups trying to instill a sense of uncertainty and confusion in the public,” said Andrew Weaver a Professor of climate analysis regarding the result of most recent survey on global warming and climate change.

The result of the survey also reveals that Americans may have focused so much lately on recovering from the economic downturn and personal financial issues.

While Senator Barbara Boxer of California says that “Today, to get 57 percent saying that the climate is warming is good, because today everybody is grumpy about everything,” Science will win the day in America. Science always wins the day.”

Big Deniers of Climate Change and Global Warming

HuffingtonPost has actually listed some of those big personalities who question the truth of this whole climate change and global warming.  Here are some of them:

Glen Beck (Conservative Talk Show and Radio Host):  “The earth and the environment are the progressive replacement for God … now because of our bad SUVs, according to Al Gore, the earth has a temperature. Uh oh. Unless you woke up yesterday, or today, where the temperature in the greater New York area was I believe right around 48 degrees, here in New York in late summer. There have been maybe, I don’t know, what a week of typical summer days in New York this year. Period.”

Steve Doocy (Fox News Anchor): “Despite it being bitterly cold outside in the northern plains, we hear a lot about global warming. Is there another side to this story? Many scientists would say yes, but most media outlets — the mainstream media — only cover Al Gore’s ‘Earth has a fever’ perspective. This is the worst winter in some parts of America and around the world and perhaps we should be worried now about global cooling.”

Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer (R-Missouri): “My goal is to deliver some of our people’s hard-earned money back into their pocketbooks instead of spending it on international junk science.”

David Bellamy (British TV Presenter, Environmentalist): “People such as former American Vice-President Al Gore say that millions of us will die because of global warming – which I think is a pretty stupid thing to say if you’ve got no proof. And my opinion is that there is absolutely no proof that carbon dioxide is anything to do with any impending catastrophe. The ­science has, quite simply, gone awry. In fact, it’s not even science any more, it’s anti-science.”

You can read more on Climate Change deniers at HuffingtonPost.

What Is Global Warming Got To Do With Us Filipinos?

The Philippines ranks more or less on the 37th among the list of nations that contributes carbon emissions into the atmosphere.  Being a nation with so many coastal towns and cities and considered a third world country in terms of wealth, development and capacity to provide for its people, our nation will be one of the most adversely affected by rising sea levels, stronger typhoons, drought, flooding, bleaching of corral reefs that leads to decline of marine life, and maybe later in the future a big casualty of war and tension among nations struggling for survival over food supply and security.

Up to this point, our government has not yet really taken a comprehensive study on how big the effect of global warming will change our nation and our lives.

But that will happen only if all efforts towards a united undertaking on reducing CO2 emissions among nations especially among the biggest contributors of CO2 in the atmosphere will just end in futile exercise because of misunderstanding on the adverse economic affects such move will bring.

And if doubt and skepticism will triumph over the glaring fact that the world has been changing so rapidly outside the four corners of our comfortable households.

On to you now guys.  Do you believe that climate change and global warming is connected to human activities and human-caused pollution?  Do you believe that the crazy and erratic weather and calamities that we are all experiencing are caused by global warming and the changing climate?  For you, is climate change and global warming a truth or a hoax?

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