A Scraper Has Stolen My Balls…Post!

October 8th, 200910:37 am @ elmot


A Scraper Has Stolen My Balls…Post!

I am having a great time replying to comments to a very vibrant discussion over my latest post Do They Have the Balls To Do It which led some people to visit my post thinking it was a recipe on how to make a delicious Soup #5 dish, very timely for the rainy days we were experiencing that last couple of weeks.  Right LJ?  LOL!  Going back, the discussions range from Aaron coming over to share the legal gobbledygook flawlessly up to Jan asking with his usual childlike inquisitiveness of what is a “salpicado” and “guinumis” and “woot” and all.

And thank God, this “guinumis” actually led me to discover a master scraper on the loose.  And when the link back on my post which I first thought was a gift from heaven from someone who recognized my writing artistry which I sometimes doubt if it really exists; was received by my blog..Damn!  That China Best Tea blogger has actually stolen my balls… oh sorry, may emotions carried me (youthful vibrance)…no my Do They Have the Balls post!

Here is a screenshot of the seemingly innocent looking link back that I first happily received:

stealer 2

See?  I thought this guy has quoted my post but has actually came over to steal my blog’s sweet juice.  Not in my house you scraper.  Not a single drop of blood you can sip  from this man from Dasma.

Here is the screenshot of his blog post, which is actually mine:

stealer 3

Wow!  Who is the genius guy who wrote this post and spent lots of time making it look great?  Oh, was it I?  Really?  Oh, I thought it was the China man who is sipping a cup of tea from his hidden enclave?

It amazed me really.  He copied the title of my post exactly, and the first paragraph of my output.  But noticeably, he really does not know what he is talking about.  Why?  Coz early this morning I edited “Palfox” to “Palafox” when Jan sent me a message saying that he has meet this guy already on one of his high-end escapades in Dubai and that I should edit it ASAP before the guy comes over looking for a bowl of Soup #5.

There.  He copied the first paragraph of my post and actually has identified three keywords he somewhat optimized, all linking back to his precious splog site.  You selfish man.  And that was left for me is the text saying his appreciation “Excerpt From”. Wow, very generous of you buddy.  Thanks!  I guess I owe you now something?

This Is A Blogging Issue Peepz, At Least For Me

I asked my blogging buddies specifically the Power50 whose headquarters is located near the White House (it is an elite group of ultra super experts on blogging issues and things of inter-galactic concerns) their “expert advice” regarding these stuffs and they provided me with lots of inputs as to understanding the dynamics of these professional scrapers a.k.a.  blogging copycats.

Novz and Aaron said that this kind of bloggers are using “aggregators“.  When their keywords are posted, they receive an instant siren call for, yipee, new posts to copy on their blogs; copying them either in verbatim or just by putting a link on their post pointing back to the poor original writer .

As you can this China Tea blogger has hundreds of blog posts already under his belt.  And when I dug up on these posts, all were copied, lifted and pasted on his blog; all coming from the hardwork of other bloggers out there.  Poor guys.  Poor me.

Roy, DiTesco, Holly and Jaypee classified them as splogs.  I guess, these are the real enemies that should be bombarded by those who are having the deep-seated anger against splogs.

“They Live and Die Via Web Search Traffic”

Those are the words coming from the Winston Chuchill of Mindoro, Jan the Great.  Hey Bro, should I put a link back to your blog saying I copied an excerpt from your words of wisdom? LOL

Anyways, as you can see on this scraper’s blog, he does not have any other pages.  No…no identity.  They are the vamps of the blogosphere hiding on their hidden coffins.  Only copied posts and adsense ads.  Huwaaat??!! He is earning from someone elses labor?  WTF!

That is the sad part…it is like being punched down the belt right at your b*lls dear friends.  And sometimes, they even compete on your keywords and worse, they would even land on a higher spot than you do on search engines.  Oh like the foul shots by old cager Rudy Distrito during crunch time to take home the crown.

What am to do with this?  Hmmm…As Jan said, keep your cool, don’t lose your composure and yes, don’t let other bloggers take away from you that exotic good looks (that could not be detected by aggregators does it?).

I will simply leave a comment on that post.  Be more extra careful on accepting back links.  And subscribe to Google Alerts to receive the latest buzz about Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry…and of course Kris Aquino.  LOL! Make a post about it which I am actually doing right now.  And threaten to sue this guy in the International Courts of Justice.  Just kidding.   I guess, he just have to ready himself for the whole battalion of Power50 secret agents are going to head there and drop their bombs…and have a party.

Holly by the way wrote a splendid post about what to do on this one especially for those who violated copyright laws and copied your blog contents.

I know that many of us encountered these thieves.  Just don’t let these scrapers get the best out of you.  They say that Big G knows how to handle these stuffs.  Hopefully.

Oh by the way, why did this blog copied my post when I haven’t talked about tea or china tea anyway? Here is the missing link to the puzzle DiTesco. The answer:  its the “guinunis”! Which is a home-brewed iced tea.  Thanks Aaron.

Ah, I want to order that one the next time I dine in a Chinese resto.

I am pretty sure China Tea man’s aggregator is going to alert him of this new post, hahahha!  Let me see if he is to post this one on his blog.  If he does, he surely is the most moronic creature I have encountered my entire life!  PoOf!

Have you encountered scrapers, who copied your posts in part of the whole post with or without permission and acknowledgement?  How did you handle such nasty situation?  It is your turn now guys.

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