Nah.  Maybe I have to change that expression suit this post.


Willie Revillame has been playing hard to get as to the real score whether he will run as a Senator or maybe even a Vice-President (the guy that has floated this idea should have been very lucky enough if he is still alive today) for the May 2010 national elections under the orange banner of the political party of Presidentiable Money, slip of the tongue…rather Manny Villar. (though the Nacionalista Farty has already announced that they are courting or even considering “Papi” to be included in any of their line-ups)

I don’t know what will happen to the Senate if ever Willie “Wil” Revillame decides to run and actually wins!  Arrggghhhh! ~Harakiri~

I think we had enough of Lito Lapid in the Senate who has done nothing but to have a rundown of a sacred institution, one time raising his hand and had been counted as supporting the ouster of Manny Villar as a Senate President thinking that what was happening on the floor was the checking of attendance.  “Present Ma’am!”  Mabuti na ang bopol kaysa ma-markahan ng absent.

Ok let me correct myself on that one.  Sacredness of the Senate as an institution depends on who does the talking especially with whoever is up on a weekly privilege speech.  Or whoever pisses off the freaking saber tooth tiger in Sen. Miriam Santiago.  Or whoever is being investigated on a Senate ethics probe.  Or whoever is being grilled on another anomalous and overpriced government project.  Or whoever…whatever!

Going back to the gloomy future of maybe having Willie Revillame as an honorable member of the Senate, it strikes me to be a very interesting and funny challenge to the voting public’s capacity to discern and vote for the people who are indeed competent enough to put in laws that would indeed benefit the common good.

The last time I checked on Big G, a senator’s main task is to legislate.  Unless Willie Revillame has misunderstood what the real work of a Senator is; understanding it as hosting a noon-time show with all the dancing half-naked ladies on the Senate floor swamping on Senate President Enrile and Jamby Madrigal while doing their own versions of “giling-giling”; and Jinggoy Estrada and Ping Lacson battling for who is the best on “Hep-hep Hooray!”   with the loser as the “real liar”.

Wowowee!  That sounds so exciting.  But not necessarily sane.

Willie Revillame maybe has totally forgotten his accountability together with his network with the Ultra Stampede that instantly sent the souls of many to another unknown dimension.  Though they have been supporting the families of the victims, thus many of them had withdrawn on filing their charges, justice and accountability is not a matter of who has the deeper purse.

Definitely he has the right to run.  He can run.  He is qualified.  But not all qualified person could entail that needed competence.

If Willie runs for a senate seat, I am 80% sure that he will win.  But as the King of Comedy Dolphy himself said, if he runs, he will surely win, but it does not mean that it is the right thing to do.

Hep-hep, Hooray!

What do you think guys?  Are supporting this thing if ever Willie Revillame runs for a Senate seat?  Why?  Why not?

Image by TK Share

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