Noynoy Aquino for President on 2010: My Immediate Expectation from Him

September 9th, 200910:13 am @ elmot


Noynoy Aquino for President on 2010:  My Immediate Expectation from Him

The yellow strips scattered all over town has turned green only a few hours ago as Sen. Noynoy Aquino has declared of taking on the challenge for the Presidential race on 2010.

Around 8:00 AM at Club Filipino, Noynoy Aquino for President has taken off as he officially announced his presidential candidacy 40 days after the death of Former President Corazon Aquino, without naming yet his choice of a Vice-President.

From the coverage of Inquirer.Net, Noynoy Aquino declared:

“Tinatanggap ko ang hiling ng sambayanan. Tinatanggap ko ang tagubilin ng aking mga magulang. Tinatanggap ko ang responsibilidad na ituloy ang laban para sa bayan. Tinatanggap ko ang hamon na mamuno sa laban na ito. Tatakbo po ako sa pagka-pangulo sa darating na halalan (I accept the voice of the people. I accept the advice of my parents. I accept the responsibility to continue the fight of the people. I accept the challenge to lead in this fight. I will run in the coming elections).”

Many of us had already seen it coming and the political tide has instantly been tremendously transformed with the Senators confirmatory words.

This is obviously a welcome political development.  But from those politicians, who had declared their willingness to serve the nation and set aside all their personal interests, they have the heavy responsibility to show us their platform of governance and in return all the citizens have the basic right to ask for a clear direction that these presidentiables are planning to lead us to.

This is part and parcel of the challenge for a genuine change we are dreaming of for our nation; critical analysis of everything that is being offered on our plate before taking a bite and an active participation of discernment in order to come up with a right decision and in the end all of us will learn the lesson of political and national responsibility.

I am personally glad that Sen. Noynoy joined the fray for it will certainly bring about a more dynamic political milieu; those overconfident will have something to rethink about and all those alliances and political strongholds will be stirred from status quo.

But what I will be immediately expecting from him as a voter and as citizen in the coming days and months is a clear platform of governance and sets of policies and directions that he is planning to implement once elected as our next president:  his stand on issues like climate change and the environment, corruption, education, charter change, peace in Mindanao and GMA’s accountability for all her excesses.  Something to invalid all the claims of the other camps, that he is a politician with not much accomplishment during his long stint in the Congress.  And something that could lift up his status as a man of himself.

This expectation is not only expected from Noynoy Aquino but for all presidentiables.  But with the tide of sentiments and hope of nation seemingly all thrown out at Noynoy’s shoulders, much more is obviously expected from him.

As PinoyGossipBoy commented:  “The “messiah” has declared his presidential bid.”

Let us see and expect from him his plan of salvific action. Let him try to convince me.

What is your opinion of Sen. Noynoy Aquino for President? Anything that you are expecting particularly from Noynoy Aquino?

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