Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, Mike Arroyo and Mikey Arroyo: The Dynasty of Corruption

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Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, Mike Arroyo and Mikey Arroyo:  The Dynasty of Corruption

I really hate moments when relatives and uninvited guests (especially those who will introduce themselves as long lost relatives that you will meet for the first time) probe me and wheel the whole conversation during one of the most special days of the year to me by greeting a “happy birthday” and saying “you are totally like your father” after handing over to me their gifts of multi-colored towels and picture frame just like what I am always receiving during exchange gifts on my school’s Christmas party. Now I’ve got a whole collection of all the colors of towels from the darkest hues to neon green.

It is not because I hate my father that makes me flare up this way but basically because I am not my father. We are just totally different. I am a new person. I much more handsome than him!

But on this particular case, I think the old saying that the fruit is the same as its tree holds true.

Corrupted Macapagal-Arroyo Son

After getting caught with his pants off on national television under the wit and proving prowess of Professor Winnie Monsod about his questionable SALN (Statement of Assest, Liabilities and Networth) and his U.S. Property worth millions, Mikey Arroyo has resorted to singing different incoherent hymns in order to find that elusive justification to the obvious acts of perjury and graft and corruption.

Asked about why the sudden jump on his networth of P5 million in 2002 before he joined Congress to a whooping P76 million after a year and P99 million in 2008 (which is by the way an almost 1000% increase in just 6 years considering the global financial downturn that has swept down the richest of nations and people) and how he acquired such an expensive U.S. Property, here are his litanies of lies:

Mikey Arroyo said that the $1.32 million beachfront property in the U.S. was not his; then he said that his wife owns it (the property was transferred under his wife’s name); then the property actually is owned by the Beach Way Park LLC (for which he is one of the stockholders of the company); the he accumulated such a big wealth in just a span of six years because of the gifts they received from their wedding in 2002; then said that he received a great amount of campaign contributions from donors in 2004 and 2007; and then reasoned out most recently that his wife came from a wealthy clan but quelled speculations that he is a gold-digger; and that he filed for an amended SALN at the Office of the Ombudsman but the same office actually denied of receiving such an amended SALN from Mikey; then…then…then…

Mikey Arroyo fired back at detractors who still refuse to believe his long lists of justifications saying,

“to those who refuse to listen, the issue is unexplainable.”

Oh I see.

Corrupted Macapagal-Arroyo Parents

Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo may have been considered “the luckiest bitch” in town by Joey Salceda but she always run out of luck as to not being linked to the exposés of grand schemes of corruptions. From the Fertilizer Fund Scam, Macapagal Boulevard Scam (the most expensive stretch of road in the world, a record-breaker for the Philippines! Yahoo, another Guinness!), NBN-ZTE Deal, Northrail Project, Palace Bribery, Quedancor Swine Scam, Hello Garci Scandal, and many more that always pin down her name to be at the receiving end of corruption and kickback. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s SALN or networth on 2002 was standing at P66.7 million but that has exponentially jumped to P171.8 in 2008 in just a span of 6 years! Beating even the number of our annual GDP and that of the stock market.

And not to lose his share of the loot is the kingpin of the present Arroyo dynasty Mr. FG or Mike Arroyo also known as the infamous Jose Pidal. He has been embroiled on countless corruption scandals and allegations on numerous government projects that my neighbor has given him a moniker as Mike-kickback Arroyo.

Of course, the Malacaňang people will always come to the rescue for GMA and her whole gang of corrupted kindred. Sporting the usual poker face they were trained to in front of the media. They come to the rescue for their boss by painting her as someone who is immaculate as snow. And if we still not buy their counter-arguments? Here is what they say:

“What is important is that we believe the truth and we are not getting tired in explaining the truth”.

Ooopss, I heard the sound of the cash register.

Macapagal-Arroyo’s Dynasty of Corruption

Coming with the obvious conclusion that these are despicable acts of obvious corruption if not plunder, not only by one person but by the tandem of a father-mother-son is not really a very taxing exercise for the Filipinos. It is not some rocket science or a legal parlance that only a few men understands. Sheer street smarts and if one practices that rare virtue of honesty are all that are needed to see the “red flags” of corruption. interviewed anti-corruption agents who said that these “red flags” could be easily detected with politicians starts saying,

“having married a really wealthy spouse, transferring property to spouses or listing them under corporations, taking out “loans” from relatives for which there are no paper trials, owning unprofitable business with substantial assets and racking up increasing liabilities that cannot be paid for a public official’s meager salary.”

Mike Arroyo, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and Mikey Arroyo.

It is all too obvious.

Unless if you are Merceditas Gutierrez.

Ooopss, I heard once again the sound of the cash register.

Do you believe that GMA, Mike Arroyo and Mikey Arroyo has amassed millions of pesos indicated through the sudden jump of their networth, even beating the stock market growth year-by-year since 2002 be attributed to corruption?

Image from kapirasongkritika

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