Conrado de Quiros and Mrs. Palengke Going at it

September 3rd, 200912:31 pm @ elmot


Conrado de Quiros and Mrs. Palengke Going at it

If I could even only have 1/10th of his magic as a writer, I would already be content.

But being a writer does not always give you the same powerful potion to gain friends and constant admiration over what you express on your writings; even more gain friends over your rants and musings against the rich, powerful and corrupted few.  Even if he is one of the gods of Philippine journalism.  Even if he is Conrado de Quiros. All the more that he is to expect being crucified the same way he mercilessly crucify those jerks at his “There’s the Rub” column at the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

And someone indeed “cried” foul!  At least with a louder popular voice this time.

Soon-to-be Mrs. Palengke Korina Sanchez most recently showed what she is made of when interviewed by her co-anchor Ted Failon over their morning radio show of which she is still on-leave due to her hubby, Sen. Mar Roxas’ presidential candidacy (which is now over after giving way for Noynoy Aquino).

The meat of the matter?  Mr. Conrado de Quiros’ most recent columns expressing his great dismay over so many presidentiables who are so overeager to have the presidency that makes them most unqualified for that post according to his standards.  Thus, for him, after all the so many years of seeing the uncontrolled greed of public officials for power and the plundering of public wealth especially from the present occupant of the Palace, the only one that truly “deserves” the presidency is someone who does not really pine and die for it.

And the obvious:  Noynoy Aquino is the one who truly deserves the Presidency being the only person who is not dying to become the next President of this nation; seemingly anointed by the marriage of heaven and history while the whole of cosmos has conspired since August 5 for him to deliver the change we so direly need.

That simply means that Mar Roxas, Jamby Madrigal, Manny Villar, Gilbert Teodoro, Jejomar Binay, Nicky Perlas, Bayani Fernando, Erap Estrada and others do not deserve to have the Presidency.  As simple as that.  Because they are overeager.

But how do we really know someone is overeager?  When he goes around the country to makes himself known by the people and know all the people’s concerns at the same time?  When he shows advertisements?  When a politician already expressed his desire to become the next president so that the people will have the precious benefit of knowing him early on?  When he tries to set up his political machinery, gather volunteers, raise funds and set up camps and quarters?  But that does not necessarily follow as far as I know.

I guess de Quiros was way too simplistic or even mystical (though he said he does not believe on mystical affairs on his column today) on his understanding and qualification for someone who is alone deserving of the presidency.  If you want to have it, then you should want it says an old adage.

De Quiros’ view and standard raises a few problems for me at least.

First, those politicians who are not overeager does not necessarily entail of their capacity and competence to become the next President nor of their high moral standing give us the food to eat on the table and the significant improvement on the lives of many Filipinos.  As what Angela Stuart-Santiago’s opinion regarding Conrado’s pushing of Noynoy to take up the presidential race because he is the only one “deserving” the position, that change in our country “won’t happen just because you aren’t a liar, a cheat, or a thief.”  Guess what, Conrado had a field day when Pres. Cory Aquino assumed the presidency lashing her decisions and policies as a President bordering on a question of competency and expressing dismay.  That was the same whole sentiment of Mr. Roces who actually was the person that gathered the more than 1 million votes for Cory to run against the late strongman Ferdinand Marcos.  If Noynoy wins, certainly Conrado will have lots of things to look forward to on his columns.

Second, over eagerness could also mean passion and burning zeal for something that would certainly sustain one’s work, designation or responsibility. I am quite afraid that if someone is elected to become our next President just because he is the only guy in town not wanting the position so badly, he will just become a working president on moments of ecstasy and become too lazy upon realizing that he did not want so big a responsibility in the first place.

And third, this broad unqualified standard for over eagerness could not just be simply equated to sheer political or material greed that should instantly bring us unfounded fear and dislike of  some of the presidentiables.

Well, I am not overeager too for the presidential position.  I guess I have to file my certificate of candidacy come November 2009.

Korina Sanchez said that Conrado de Quiros owes Mar Roxas an apology.  He just shrugged this off saying:

“I have no control over how people feel about the things I write. People who ask me to apologize will have to fall in line. [Sanchez] should fall in line and take a number … I would apologize if I was wrong. This is not one of those times.”

Now, there’s the rub.

Do you agree with Conrado de Quiros’ standard for choosing Noynoy Aquino as the one who deserves the Presidency being the only one who is not overeager for it?  Do you think if elected as President, Noynoy’s being not one of those overeager for the post could bring us into some unchartered territory and problems?

Comment here and join in the discussion, I am anyway overeager to hear your opinions.

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