Kris Aquino Yap as Noynoy Aquino’s Spokesperson?

September 11th, 20097:07 pm @ elmot


Kris Aquino Yap as Noynoy Aquino’s Spokesperson?

How about having Kris Aquino Yap as the spokesperson of Sen. Noynoy Aquino if ever he wins the presidency? That surely is a blockbuster and political blackhole but I think is of course short of a Kris Aquino scandal.

In the past days since his brother Noynoy declared of running for the presidential position on 2010, her excitement could never be tamed for the renewed attention and has never stopped also on stepping on the spotlight and sharing without caution some of the most revealing if not embarrassing inside scoops on the life of his brother. Kris Aquino in the news with husband James Yap and Baby James Aquino Yap flasing the “L” sign.

Her appearances on TV recently bring a nostalgic feel. Kris Aquino as a young lovely little girl took the stage and campaigned for his father the late Sen. Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino; the people obviously was so captivated with her innocence, wit and longing for her father. Ninoy Aquino won. That was a perfect.

Today, she has certainly taken the center stage once again revealing to the media and to the whole world how she seemingly tries to “dictate” his brother Noynoy on lots of things: Josh requesting Noynoy not to get married as being his only protector; her comment on Noynoy’s girlfriend Shalani Soledad that earned for her the ire of some people of Valenzuela; trying to show to the public her support for Noynoy’s relationship by telling the whole world that she will shoulder the wedding’s expenses; telling everyone about her urging for Noynoy to have makeover ranging from his balding head, what to wear, pants with pleats, trousers, barongs, eyeglasses, haircut, hiring for him famous fashion designers to take care of his “baduy” outfits.

Wow, a presidentiable being undressed by his younger sister before the whole world!

On a political milieu that thrives on image and marks one’s political survival in return, Kris Aquino’s most recent irritating candidness is a double-edged sword that Noynoy has to endure. Or his political spinsters will try to balance out with a new approach.

First: Noynoy could certainly have an improve image/looks to the voting public with a sister who is obsessed with image and attention, dictating him and guiding him of what is in and what is out in terms of fashion. In short, Noynoy will look better of course but not necessarily more handsome.

But, the second part is something for him to think over. With her sister unmasking to the public things that are considered personal and embarrassing for a presidentiable, Kris Aquino is just painting a bad image for his brother. The Palace is challenging Noynoy to become a man of himself and not merely living under the shadows of his parents so much so under the shadow and dictates of his sister in this instance.

It may be said that what Kris is so far doing is more of helping his brother have a physical makeover, but it is also leaving an image to the public that Noynoy has this sister who will always engage on his affairs if not reveal to the public some of the things he considers personal. That is a bad image for a Presidentiable much more of a President, especially on a time when the whole nation is looking for a President who could not be dictated, someone with political will and conviction.

Now I am hearing Erap Estrada saying, “Walang kai-kaibigan, walang kamag-anak, walang kapatid.”

What Noynoy will gain with a new physical makeover he will all lose and maybe even have to pay more to a bad image that Kris Aquino is painting on the public eye.

This time I am not pretty sure that Kris could totally deliver the good for his aspiring brother.

So what if Kris Aquino will become Noynoy’s spokesperson when elected as President?

Here is one scenario I created while under the spell of caffeine:

Reporters: Mam, how is President Noynoy Aquino doing? What are the things that he wants to accomplish on the first months in office?

Sec. Kris Aquino: Well, President Noynoy Aquino woke up very maaga. Tapos un, he had breakfast with us and Josh and Baby James, then sabi ko nga sa kanya, “Noy, wear this kasi you will look better on this barong. And this pants.” Grabe talaga, super dami ni President Noynoy na gustong gawin for our nation especially the mahihirap.

(one reporter smilling)

Sec. Kris Aquino: What? Why are you smilling? (laughs) Grabe naman, believe me guys. Noynoy will do everything para sa ating nation. Have you seen his new barong? Gawa ni friend kong si JC un. Looks great dib a? And you know, I told him nga kanina na ayusin ang hair nya or else matulad siya kay Boy Abunda (laughs).

(Kris has been speaking with the reporters for 3 hours nonstop).

Sec. Kris Aquino: And you know….

Dah dah dah dah…

So maybe I will just have to prepare myself for though if ever Noynoy wins and chooses an official presidential spokesperson, we will always hear Kris Aquino sharing to public things that would make Noynoy red-faced.

That is what you call a genuinely transparent Presidency.

How do you see Kris Aquino’s role so far in line with Noynoy Aquino’s Presidential aspiration? How do you see Kris Aquino’s role if ever Noynoy wins the Presidency?

Image by WhynotCocounut

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