PinoySoundingBoard Sings Jai Ho!

August 26th, 20093:53 pm @ elmot


PinoySoundingBoard Sings Jai Ho!

After more than a month since I moved in here to my new blogging home, I can say that there are still lots of things to do and fix.  Jan rightly said it with his usual Master Yoda advise as he greeted and challenged me during my “independence day” saying, that I should better start to take off my garage cabinet those working gloves and boots for there are lots of things to do at PinoySoundingBoard in order to provide my readers and visitors the best of amenities:  putting up state-of-art security cameras to guard against spammers, home theater system and Jacuzzi for the Jedibloggers and friends, vendo machines for visitors and commenters and a helipad for bloggers from Mars.

And after more than a month of blogging on this self-hosted platform, I guess these working gloves and boots are here to stay unless there will come a day that I will choose not be the Elmot you know and move permanently into the deep jungles of the Amazon.

I Want To Sing Jai Ho!

While all tied up on my desk urgently finishing some tasks, I could not really resist the strong temptation of peeking on my TwitterGadget and see what’s happening over the twittersphere.  Ok, I actually did not even try to resist the temptation.  Come on guys, many of us are. LOL.

And as I opened my reply tab, ReyJr twitted, sending his congratulations to Ada, Jehz and Elmot.  Huwaaat??!!  Did you say Elmot?  For what ReyJr?  Did I win the $1 billion jackpot of the lottery?

I immediately followed the link and voila, I arrived at Ratified.Org’s list of Philippine’s Top Ten Blog Movers!  And my blog Ani-Mo! is included at its list of Top Ten Alexa Movers for Philippine blogs covering the first quarter of this year.  Wow, I actually cannot believe it.

Actually, Ani-Mo! was my first blog under blogspot.  It was where I started everything on my blogging; adventures and misadventures.

My hardwork paid off.  Starting at around 20 million in Alexa ranking at Ani-Mo! last January, it went up to around 500 thousand early July before I eventually moved it on its new home.  When I opened the gates of PinoySoundingBoard as the new self-hosted blog of its former Ani-Mo! I expected the worse in terms of Alexa ranking.  I hovered around 15 million! Now, after more than a month since I opened my new blogging home, my Alexa ranking went up around 640 thousand as of this writing.

This is certainly a Jai Ho moment for me.  Right Doc Z?  LOL!  For this little feat I achieved, I want to sing Jai Ho!  Jai Ho!  Jai Ho! (dancing ala-Pussycat Dolls) :D

Thank you ReyJr for the tweet; without it, such stuff would have not even reached my attention.

Help Me Continue Sing Jai Ho!

Though I received some great form of affirmation from Ratified.Org to what I am so far doing at PinoySoundingBoard in terms of Alexa ranking at least, it also means that I should not get all too comfortable.  In short:  aside from wearing working gloves and boots, I should now start to wear my hard hat too.

Lots of thanks for all your support for PinoySoundingBoard peepz!.  And if you want to see Elmot continue singing and dancing the Jai Ho! song, you can further support my blog by doing the following:

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What were some forms of affirmations you received regarding your blogging?  What were your Jai Ho! moments as a blogger?  Come on guys, share your stories here and put this at end of your comments:   Jai Ho! :D

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