Too Cocky With The Party-List System. PoOf!

August 22nd, 200912:34 pm @ elmot


Too Cocky With The Party-List System.  PoOf!

Wow! I can’t imagine that maybe one day I will be seeing our neighbor wearing a crisp barong tagalog with some bodyguards tugging him to his luxurious black SUV as he goes to work at the Lower House of Congress; while caressing his favorite cock…ooopps rooster.  LOL.

Simply outrageous, out of this world non-sense.

Alyansa ng mga Sabungero recently applied for a slot as a party-list group for the upcoming 2010 elections on the Commission on Elections with the goal in mind of promoting the interest of all workers and stakeholders in the cockfighting industry.

Well they were even bragging that our very own boxing hero Manny Pacquiao is among their ranks together with some of the rich and influential businessmen and politicians, as if these litanies will add merit for them to be accredited and recognized as a legitimate “marginalized group” deserving a seat at the House of Representatives.

I don’t know why they consider themselves marginalized? Are they really living in the margin? Maybe, when they are betting. They are on the sidelines lest they get all bleeding  and running for dear lives from the roosters’ sharp metal claws.

But, oh come on! Is Manny Pacquiao and all those rich cockers and patrons marginalized? My certified sabungero neighbor is even richer than many of us in the community, sometimes; but he is also most of the time poorer than many of us. Maybe that is what they call being marginalized: the unequal distribution of wealth due to seasonal tide of luck in the cockfighting industry.

Just to push some thoughts even further in the world of creative imaginings for the benefit of my soon-to-be-congressman neighbor, LOL: what kind of laws are they going to propose and sponsor in Congress in order to help the people in the cock-fighting industry gain equal rights among others? Professionalize cock-fighting by passing a law that would require all those engaged with it take a Licensure exam? Put up a special government agency to govern them named the Philippine Cockfighting Commission? Give PhilHealth cards and retirement benefits to all their roosters for medical treatment after bloody brawls? Put up a fund for scientific studies on how to breed a rooster that could fight ala-UFC superstar Lyoto Machida? What???!!

I just can’t imagine seeing this neighbor of mine having the chance to become a congressman. Of course, they will have some more decent representative/s…but just playing with the thought makes me go gaga.

“Good morning Honorable Congressman.” Wow, am I to greet him that way while he is puffing cigarette smoke to his most beloved rooster everytime I see him on my way to work? PoOf!

Then, those people working for jueting maybe should also consider filing for accreditation as a legitimate party-list? Or all those engaged in smuggling and illegal drugs?  Isn’t it they are not sharing the same equal rights with the whole lot of citizenry for being persecuted by law enforcement agencies?

I am quite interested how PETA is going to react on this one cocky issue…and KFC…and Jollibee’s Chicken Joy.

I hope this Alyansa ng mga Sabungero will not reason further by saying that St. Peter supports them, so they should be accredited, LOL!

What do you think are the laws that they are going to propose in Congress in lieu of their being a “marginalized sector”?  Do you think that they will be accredited come the time they are going to list St. Peter as one of their patrons? LOL.  Any more suggested marginalized groups who should consider filing for the Party-Liste accredition by the Commission on Elections?

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