Warning: Minor on the Loose at PAGCOR Casino!

August 11th, 20097:55 pm @ elmot


Warning:  Minor on the Loose at PAGCOR Casino!

Alas, after quite some time of being the best of buddies and critics online, trading barbs and compliments on our comment forms and twitter messages; we have met last Saturday and saw the real people behind our favorite blogs at the awards night of the Emerging Influential Blogger at PAGCOR.  And all we could actually exclaim after seeing each other is:  Wow, we all look real different in person compared to all our pics on our avatars! I don’t exactly know what that meant, but I would rather take that as a compliment.

An EB Beside the Bay

It was not so obvious that we all were so excited to meet each other and have a longer time for chit-chat that we set up an EB at the bar owned by where Doc Z’s uncle is the chef, at the back of the Mall of Asia; right in front of the Manila Bay where its raging waves constantly splashed our faces wet.  After Novz picked me up in front of the Coastal Mall around 2PM, one-by-one bloggers arrived and settled in for an exchange of ideas, experiences, blogging concerns and endless laughters over some nicely-cooked fries, buttered mushrooms and spicy chicken wings.
We could have settled in on that place to have the awarding all-together, as the staff of the bar were already setting up the stage and musical instruments ready for all of us to raid and become instant live rockstar bloggers.  What was most noticeable though was that we were conversing as if we have met each other for so many times in the past!
Big Bro Jan even crossed the seas from Mindoro to be with the group of Jedibloggers and new friends; alas I met the real Gerard Anderson in the person of Yatot and told him to ask Kim Chui for heaven’s sake to take some vitamins;  Lyle was unstoppable with his web designing adventures and misadventures against Indian counterparts; Doc Z with his booming voice and Sen. Trillanes looks (Mabuhay ang Rebolusyon!); Jhong who I discovered is actually a neighbor in Cavite together with Lyle; Boni who showed his sincere smile whenever I remind him of Jan’s post about Naruto; Novz who generously offered his ride and in between shared with me SEO tips and trades; and Roel who for the longest time I have been camping on his blog it was only the day I personally met him (hey, Roel, remembered the stewardess? LOL).  Now I am once again blogging under influence. Har har har har har!
By the way, send my thanks to your uncle Doc Z.  I thought you would foot-in the bill.  Hahaha!  Hey, where is the Yellow Cab pizza by the way?  Hmmm…Maybe next EB?
L-R: Doc Z, Lyle, Elmot, Boni, Roel, Jan, Yatot and Novz. (photo by Doc Z)
“Are You a Blogger?  Excuse Me, How Old Are You?”
We thought we had glued already ourselves at MOA, but obviously we needed to ride our way off to PAGCOR Paranaque in order to meet more bloggers and of course be there for the awarding of Mam Janette’s writing project.  Arriving in style for the registration at the 2nd Floor of the Casino, three beautiful Marias welcomed us; enjoining us to list our names and details at the registration form while at the same time giving us freebies and stuffs from sponsors.
I enthusiastically approached one of the beautiful ladies on the table for me to be guided but I was asked, “Are you a blogger?” With the cutest smile I have on my arsenal I answered, “Yes Mam.” Then she responsed with a beautiful smile too.  Wow!  I said to myself, geeh I still have the hots and that killer charm dude.  But the lady asked me the killer question of that day, “Excuse me, how old are you?  Minors are not allowed inside the casino.”
Poof!  Darn, she broke my heart!!!  Hey, I am not a minor anymore, eh!  But I did not want to spoil the night so just took it as another compliment from Venus.  As soon as she heard my age, she ignored me and instead turned her crystal eyes to the Doctor-Blogger-who-now-has-his-own-domain, whom she probed so much like a CIA Agent as if wanting him to become her OB-Gynecologist. Right Doc Z?  LOL!
Going through the awarding, this year’s winners are:  Jan Geronimo of WritingtoExhale, Jehz and his friends of PatayGutom, Roy of TheStrugglingBlogger, Doc Z of Zorlone, Angel of Father Blogger Dot Com, Kelvin of Kelvinonian Ideas 2.0, Dee of Tales From the Mom Side, Ada of Adaphobic, Winston of Lakwatsero and Lets Go Sago.
That night I also met the ever beautiful Snow and asked her for my “balut”; finance expert Tyrone of Millionaire Acts; the king of pinoy blogging the ever humble  Jehz; the cute lady Ada; had a nice conversation with Crisiboy about Tiger Woods farting on the green lane; the ever beholding beauty of Earthlingeorgeous; Analyn of BS; and my fellow first-timer during that blogging event FrustratedSosyalera who I heard is not anymore that frustrated on climbing the social ladder after the event.  LOL!
Some more pics:
A toast to friendship[1]
L-R: Sir Angel, Lyle, Roel, Jhong, Jan, ReyJr, Elmot, Doc Z (photo by Jan)


Jan with Elmot[1]

Jan and Elmot (Ooops, Mom, it’s Jan’s beer on the table) Photo by Jan


Jhongmed with Z, Jan,Rey and Elmot[1]

L-R:  Jhong, Doc Z, Jan, ReyJr, Elmot (photo by Jan)


Elmot and Mam Analyn (Gee ReyJr, you took the shot as if I am already kissing your high-tech cam! Obviously you want to have a closer look at Pops Fernadez..LOL!) Photo by ReyJr



Elmot, Mam Janette and ReyJr (Photo by ReyJr)

Lessons Learned by This Minor-aged Blogger

There are lots of things that I learned during that blogging event.  I think more than winning or even losing on that writing project, what I cherished most (and I never regretted to have ever attended the event even virtually being awake for almost 24 hours) is that I met so many bloggers and have become friends with them.  From behind our blogs we could easily be so good and affectionate with other bloggers who visit our sites; or even foil their attempts to connect with us and so build tall walls detached from the bigger wider world.  However, meeting other bloggers in person, and most of those we interact with in the blogosphere is another thing.  Instantly, I met the most friendly, generous and welcoming persons in my life that night; from total strangers to friends…and my blogging will certainly never be the same.

And two more important lessons that all bloggers should learn?  Hmmm.  Be ready:

1.  Thou shall not make yourself a TwitterNoob! and;

2.  Thou shall not ask your friends to be overzealous on helping you earn money online by clicking your adsense ads 16 times in less than 1 minute!

Right Lyle! LOL!

After the event?  Jan, Roy and JhongMed went home already.  Doc Z, Novz, Sir Angel, Yatot, Lyle, Bloggista and ThirdWorldGeek continued the fun and party and get-together in Makati till 5 AM!

I did not join them anymore.  I am a minor remember? LOL.

Till next time guys!  See yah!  May the force be with us all!

Main image by Ada

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