A Tall Order From President Corazon Aquino’s Life And Death

August 4th, 20096:54 pm @ elmot


A Tall Order From President Corazon Aquino’s Life And Death

With the death of the “most beloved and revered President” of this country, Mrs. Corazon “Cory” Aquino, floodgates of historical reawakening, emotions and gratitude opened up like well-springs of grace in the middle of dry lands. 

I though was not so stunned with the passing of the woman who stood up to fight the Goliaths of her time and restore democracy to the very people who gave birth to it.  I knew it was coming; just a matter of time for her to cross through the door of the fullness of life and freedom she has long longed for.  But the outpour of public sentiments and rekindling of the life of Mrs. Aquino as if she did not pass away by the so many tales of her most ordinary heroics is in itself stunning.  And with the multitude of people from all walks of life giving their final respect to Mrs. Aquino; braving the heat, rain and dust just to get a glimpse of their humble hero and offer their final words of thanks, has obviously surprisingly turned the tide of politics national life.

With her death came new life.  With her passing away came the ushering of a renewed vigor of love of country and freedom that has caught the machinations of the proud off-guarded.  With her closed eyes, silent lips and cold prayerful hands came the birth of public vigilance, stronger verbal opposition to corruption and abuse and a more active public display of love of democracy.

I think with Mrs. Cory Aquino’s passing, the battle that she has fought for, long before I was even born has taken a new stance and strength.  Paradoxically, with her absence, came the stronger presence and echo of her cause.  And the political tide has certainly started to change hues from the “darkness of greed and deceit into yellow.”  Here are some of my silent musings.

 1.  The death of Mrs. Aquino and the revival of her “magic” I think has sent shivers down to the spines of those who have dark hearts and acts inside the government and the Palace.  We can vividly remember how always fearful the “tenant of the Palace” not to let the people gather by hundreds and thousands; and they prevented these from happening by employing tactics that infringed the basic rights and freedoms of all.  Now, hundreds and thousands of people are once gathering to give respect to the woman who has called Gloria-Arroyo to step down from the Presidency after the Hello Garci election scandal.  I am pretty sure, images alone of people united under that one flag of freedom, democracy and moral revolution make GMA and all her lapdogs think of “hiding already under their beds”. 

2.  Despite suffering from the pain of her disease, Cory Aquino still fought valiantly against the rail-roading of the House Bill that would amend the 1987 Constitution to prolong the clout to power of only a few; the very same constitution that is remembered as one of her most profound legacy.  But with her death, the Malacanang Palace through its blowhorns has drastically changed gears and called on all their allies to stop the hullabaloo and withdraw their signatures. 

Though taken away already on our midst, the Former President certainly knows how to let the truth spring up from the rubbles of lies.  The recent declaration of the Palace telling its troops on the Lower House of Congress to stop the Con-Ass  as an act of respect the memory of the Former President is a big slap on their faces when they had always denied that they have nothing to do with the Con-Ass movement and that they cannot direct their allies in the Congress to stop the crap.  Of course, we all know that they already perfected the art of barefaced lying and bluffing.  GMA trained them.

 3.   Politicians are now starting to wear and speak in a “yellowish tone”.  And with the tide of public sentiment and support tilting over the advocacies of Mrs. Aquino, I am certain that politicians are going to jump off borders and fences and try to affiliate themselves with the Former President.  Not to forget the national election come May 2010, politicians especially the Presidentiables are surely going to surf on that tide in order to once again get elected; even maybe stabbing other allies and dropping off bombs to former political godfathers and abandoning their strong political stance on Con-Ass and act like innocent sheep on press conferences telling the public that they experienced “metanioa”.  And will show political ads and clips with President Cory.

4.  There will be elections next year; a legacy that Mrs. Aquino has certainly affirmed with her death.  People will certainly not permit another abuse against democracy and freedom and the masses of people gathering these past days to give their final respect to Mrs. Aquino is only a glimpse of the millions of people who will certainly proceed to voting precincts to cast their votes.  In memory of President Corazon Aquino.

5.  With Cory Aquino’s death and the Filipino nation giving her their final respect beyond imagination as one of the most revered leader this country has ever had, former Presidents, the current “tenant of the Palace” and all Presidentiables  have something to ponder real hard up to their sleep.  Mrs. Aquino’s life and unwavering crusade to always honor freedom and democracy against violence has established a tall order among leaders and those aspiring to become the next President of this republic.  Her life of simplicity, high moral standard , prayerful life and genuine service as a leader and later on as a private citizen only fortified the stark manifestation of the wide contrast between her way of service and governance to that of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s that is mired with scandals, deceit, abuse and corruption.  Her kind of life and governance gained for her the respect of the nation and the world; Gloria’s pompous lifestyle, corrupt governance  and abusive leadership  gained for her the anger and curses of the whole nation and the disrespect of the world.  Cory’s death immortalized her; Gloria’s life instantaneously killed her.

Goodbye dear President.  In your death, you have revived the slumber of a nation and had sent the proud to their knees.   May we never be overcome only with emotion and grief.  May we never squander everything you fought for because of forgetfulness and are usual alibis.  Now that you are already with the Creator to taste “real freedom”, whisper to His ear the cry of our nation.  Goodbye.

 Image by Mhike Tagle

With the passing away of  Former President Cory Aquino’s how will her life and death change the landscape of Philippine politics and life?  For you guys, what is the Former President’s lasting legacy aside from maybe the Malacanang Palace soon be painted yellow?  Share your tribute and sentiments here.

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