Why Are Politicians Working Their Ass Out To Have The Presidency? I’m Asking. Poof!

July 27th, 20094:19 pm @ elmot



Why Are Politicians Working Their Ass Out To Have The Presidency?  I’m Asking. Poof!

I want to get straight to the point, without the usual introductions and my usual story lines:  Why are so many presidentiables are working their ass out just to become the next President of the Philippines?

This is something that I cannot fathom when I am seeing in the television, reading in the papers and listening to the radio how difficult and complicated a President’s life is. 

When I was small, I used to dream and act as a President on one of my playing corners.  But growing up, the presidency is not as easy as a child’s fantasy and role-playing games.

Here are some reasons why you should not run for the Presidency of the republic and even more become the President:

1.  Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism or PCIJ published a report  saying that Gloria Arroyo spent at least a staggering P5 billion on her 2004 presidential campaign.  On line with this billions of peso figure, Presidentiable Manny Villar opined during an interview by Reuter  that someone planning to run for the presidency should have at least P1 billion on his/her pocket.  Without that, presidentiables should just beg out of the race. 

Anyone who has at least a billion-peso bank account?  Kindly raise your hand. Oopsss, Manny Pacquiao raised his hand.  Am I seeing Joc-Joc Bolante’s hand?

2.  Becoming a President, you are only set to receive P60,000 monthly as your salary as President, smaller compared to the salary of a junior executive in the private sector.  And our President is like a beggar compared to that of its US counterpart.  The US President is earning 3,000% times higher than the President of the Philippines, receiving $400,000 annually.  Now, this does not give me enough reason to be at the highest post of the land after spending at least P1billion on the campaign trail.

3.  Being the President, you will live your 6 years with all the cameras targeting your every moves and hush.  Probing eyes and professional paparazzi are surely set to trail by you when you go to hospitpal for a boob job.  Plus, the usual attacks of opposition forces and activists, unruly government officials and New People’s Army (NPA), MILF and Abu Sayaff.  If you can’t even handle your nagging in-laws, neighbors, pesky officemates and annoying blogging buddies, the Presidency is a no-no.

4.  How about solving all the problems of the country and being blamed for failures?  Have no rest on weekends and being always on-call 24/7?

5.  And how about being judged by history?

Of course there are lots of other reasons that we could still enumerate here; and there are also so many reasons too why our Presidentiables are still aiming for the highest position in the land despite of everything I enumerated.  But for me, I would still stick to my gun that power, prestige (and maybe, having all the means to get so rich from bribes and corruption) are not enough to convince me to aim for the Presidency.

I guess Manny Pacquiao can now run for the Presidency having billions of pesos already on his bank account eh.

What to you think are the reasons why it is a politician’s ultimate goal to become the President of the Republic?  Despite all the things I enumerated, what do you thing are the rewards one gets on becoming the President of this country?

Image by bikolanongtsekwangbakla

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