The Blogger Who Showered Me With Stars

July 13th, 20094:44 pm @ elmot


The Blogger Who Showered Me With Stars

There is no other wish a newbie blogger sends up to his “star” at night than to have his own self-hosted blog.  And you could consider it a shower of falling stars if a generous blogging buddy would just appear out of nowhere to say, “Hey, I have glass shoes for you”…Ooops, that is Cinderella.  Rather, he may whisper “Hey, I will grant your wish”. 

 When I started blogging way back late May 2007, I was like an orphan; a rogue street child living everywhere yet does not have my own place to call home.  Blogging about Neanderthals singing “Girls Don’t Cry” then, post about a co-worker shouting out loud that I was the one who “impregnated her” in front of a multitude of crowd and all of sudden post about the Feast of St. Sebastian.  It was the routine that I perfected yet, did not receive any respect for the sheer fact that I was blogging in an intersection of a thousand routes and highways; a blog without any direction.

On many occasions, I would just stare at my star in the vastness of the blogosphere looking up those big names in blogging with awe and fancy.  “One day, I will be an orphan no more.  I will have lots of blogging friends.”  But I will just return to see myself without any skills and capacities yet to embrace that star when it comes on my palm.

July 9, 2009, a couple of days ago, is what I consider my Independence Day.  From a blogger who tried to harness his skills, build blogging relationships and restore sanity and confidence on his craft, that day I started as an orphan no more.  

To so many people I thanked on my first post on PinoySoundingBoard when it went live, this post is basically for the one generous and special person who picked those wishing stars and showered them back to a dreamer’s palm. 


“Spotlight please.”

My gratitude and lots of thanks to Jaypee Habaradas, the uber blogger behind JaypeeOnline.Net who generously sponsored the transfer and web hosting of my blog PinoySoundingBoard:  the man who gave those glass shoes, ooops, rather the one who granted my wish out of his sheer generosity and support to budding bloggers.

I started out as a lurker on his blog, the usual acts of a street child peeping through his blog’s doorsteps, scrounging through his archive, reading his posts and wondering how he blogs superbly.  Sharing to readers blogging news, reviews, technology, gadgets, tricks and tips, I saw him as a man that any blogger should emulate and learn from.  Because I was blogging under the Blogger platform then, I was at first hesitant to join in the active discussions on his blog flooded by WP users, keeping my fangs and rabid commenting prowess under my sleeves.

But Jaypee certainly knows how to welcome his guests and make them feel comfortable on his blog no matter what niche they are blogging about.  Inviting people for a n overflowing coffee and chips on his blog?  I guess soon, a vendo machine will be placed at JaypeeOnline’s sidebar; but what keeps people like me come back and feel at home on his blog is the warmth of friendship and unquestionable knowledge he shares to everyone, even to street children and Cinderella.

With this, thanks a lot Jaypee!  I know, despite making sure of making a post especially for you to tell the world and echo my thanks to the endless corners of the whole blogosphere; a single post will never suffice to tell you of my deep gratitude for sharing what you have to a lowly blogger who first wished of glass slippers from fairy godmother but ended up having a star on his palm.  Thanks for adopting me :D  

 Any concerns about your blogging, themes, plugins, tricks and tips?  You are missing half of your blogging life if you haven’t been to Jaypee’s blog yet.  FYI:  This blog’s theme is courtesy of Jaypee’s wordpress theme reviews.

Image by Werner Schnell

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