The Blog That I Could Now Call My Own

July 9th, 200912:07 pm @ elmot


The Blog That I Could Now Call My Own

The long wait is finally over.

After days of tweaking, experimenting here and there, long conversations over Gmail chat and hauling posts from my blog Ani-Mo! to its new home, can now be viewed by the public; and of course, by millions of my loyal devotees who camped on my blog awaiting for independence day.  Hurray!!!


Blogger is Like Living With Your In-Laws

I started blogging late 2007 under the Blogger platform, writing anything that comes to mind without any goal of really seriously venturing on this endeavour.  Got tired of blogging without any direction and the pressure of what to post took its toll on me; and came back only after a fierce commenting spree against Jan of Writing to Exhale over the blog of our common blogging buddy Jaypee.  That episode between two rabid commentors inspired me to go back to my blog, put down the “On Long Vacation” poster on my blog’s doorstep.

When I got back to Ani-Mo! last January, my Alexa ranking hovered around 17 million; a dilapidated theme full of dusts and cobwebs;  an atmosphere comparable only to a cemetery at night that all you could hear is the howling silence of solitude; and a blog with full of U-turns and intersections. 

 Before I moved Ani-Mo! to its Wordpress self-hosted blog Pinoysoundingboard, my Alexa rank is around 600,000; the Newspaper theme looked great courtesy of Yatot’s genius on working with Blogger and generosity of helping me out (and his patience also); a thriving community of friends and readers generously commenting on each of my post; and a blog with a clear one-way street ahead of it.

 With due respect to Blogger (for generously catering my blogging appetite), but working under this platform feels like living in the house of your in-laws.  Though you have the freedom to move and decide on some stuffs especially on matters of your own family affairs, one cannot shrug off the feeling of so many watchful eyes looking over your shoulder taking note of your movements (and especially of your mistakes that would be hurled back to you in the future);  and the fact the your (some) decisions could be altered any minute by your in-laws.  You have a limited freedom for someone holds you on their palms or for others holds their neck.  Though blogger offers a very convenient free blogging platform, you still cannot say and feel that it is your own blog.  It is still that of someone looking over your blog with watchful eyes. 

 Now, Pinoysoundingboard is something that I can call now my own.  And takes now my blogging to a new level.  I would therefore like to thank Jhay of the Four-Eyed Journal for helping me with the transfer and Jaypee for all the help regarding the theme and valuable pieces of advice on technical stuffs.


Ani-Mo! Still Doing a Garage Sale

 There are still some stuffs to be fixed on my former apartment, specifically, transforming it into an MMDA enforcer (minus the “kotong”) doing the trafficking for visitors to find their way here. For now, there is an on-going garage sale of stuffs there and some carpenters and plumbers are to arrive later for the last touches and hang out the post “Moved to a New Home” on its doorstep.


 The Theme One Could Die For

Looking for a free theme that suits a blogger’s taste and niche is crucial.  On my part, I dug over Jaypee’s great wordpress theme reviews and found this superb Isotherm News Magazine Theme developed by Zeljan Topic of bizzArtic that fitted all my requirements for this blog.  I was so impressed by the features of this theme and the superb review that Jaypee did (check his review here) I instantly fell in love with Isotherm.  

 Aside from the flexibility that this theme primarily gives bloggers for a free theme, one of its great feature is the sexy image panels featuring a blog’s 6 recent posts.  So basically, you will see 6 of my most recent posts on that gallery.  Pardon me if all you could see for now are those colourful wallpapers.  Elmot is still on the process of studying the dynamics of this feature.


 Kindly Help Me Do the Carpentry Works

Blogging on this new and classier self-hosted blog is a work in progress and a learning process.  Although there are still so many things to do down here, furniture and accessories to decorate here and there, and the painting of some more walls and ceilings to make Pinoysoundingboard truly a complete home, I am pretty sure that you are after my posts and my interaction with you more than all the widgets and special plugins I (will) put here.

 Therefore, I would really appreciate if you could help me out with the carpentry works on my new home. 

 Anything else that you may want to suggest regarding widgets, plugins, features and other stuffs for my blog?  I will really appreciate it guys if you could bring in some carpentry tools to help me out here.

image from Laura Howard

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