Who is the Emerging Influential Blogger? Poof!

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Who is the Emerging Influential Blogger? Poof!

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I think I could claim that I made one of the craziest lists of nominees for Mam Janette Toral’s Emerging Influential Bloggers of 2009 with nominees ranging from those who could make you a one sharp-fanged rabid commenter to a blogger fuelled with caffeine on maintaining his 13 damn outstanding blogs with vigor; from one blogger who can shut the daylight out of the career Angel Locsin for being such a beauty, to a mom blogger that I once called “bro” after her tear-jerking comment here. *blushing* And that list undeniably made me one crazy blogger after luring all bloggers from all sides of the earth to suggest two more blogs that I could include on my list of eight while actually I only listed seven and skipped a number, proving that I was always enjoying my time at the fourth row during my math subjects. I confess that it was not totally part of the trick but an honest mistake. Therefore, my list leaves me three more vacant spaces for superb and emerging influential bloggers to occupy.


Though this may came a little bit late but I would like to share some thoughts on the current buzz on the Pinoy Blogosphere about the Influential Blogger and maybe guide also those who are not yet done with their precious lists.

But who is the Influential Blogger?

Mam Janette succinctly described the emerging influential blogger by sharing some excerpts that we could use as guides on our selection from the king of leadership himself, John Maxwell who said “Leadership is influence. No more, no less.”

Here are some other points on leadership and influence:
• Everyone influences someone.
• We never know who or how much we influence
• The best investment in the future is a proper influence today.
• Influence is a skill that can be developed.

But how could we know that a blogger is influential?

Though you send me a basket of “balut” or freshly-baked gourmet pizza, but that does not assure you of my vote and love unless you are one hell of an influential blogger in your niche.

Let me share an incident.

There is this one very aggressive blogger who emailed me quite a number of times. First time, asking me how am I doing on my blogging and asked me to check out his blog. Poof! Second time, asked me if I have my list already and maybe could consider his blog to be included on my powerhouse list. Poof! I did not reply to his emails being true to my word that the one who deserves will get his due.

And the hullabaloo happened. There was this heated exchange of comments on another blog with the same guy who emailed me against one hot hunk blogger, whether a new blog with almost no posts on it be included on the nomination with the sheer reasoning that the owner of the blog has done tremendous things on doing SEO works on his other blogs. Darn, it was like Fernando Poe Jr. versus his arch nemesis Paquito Diaz! Bang, bang! Kaboom! Pow!

The owner of the blog refereed, and guess what, the SEO guy placed his blog on the top of his list of nominees!

I think, one important point is that the blogger in general could not be separated from his blog; he is his blog! This is where he expresses his ideas and connects to the world, and where the world connects to him. Without his blog, he is nothing but a solitary ordinary man confined on his own life space. His blog speaks for him and listens for him (hopefully he does know how to listen) to whatever other people say.

Therefore, one’s blogging influence is measured by his communicating power to his audience. You communicate with people and they recognize you and this is where influence comes in. Power here is not the strength to put down others or force readers and visitors to confine themselves on fear and guilt for speaking out their minds or worse excommunicate them from the blogosphere . Either, recognition is not about praises on our blogging prowess but is basically all about honesty. Readers, friends and strangers, interacts with you on your blog; they may most of the time agree but are not also afraid to disagree with your ideas for they know that being influential means being open-minded to the wider world and to other voices. This blogger may not be the highest authority or the man solely holding the bastion of truth on his niche but his voice could be recognized as a valuable point-of-view worthy to be listened to. And if I further may add, he basically influences your own blogging in some ways. That is the influential blogger.

Vote, Vote Vote!

There are those who got scandalized with bloggers who placed their blogs on their own nominations. Or those who are irritated by the nomination-spree of bloggers of their own friends to their list that makes them top the canvassing week by week.

I have nothing against this one, but if I could only use the same measure stick that I use on my own nomination on other bloggers, my sole criterion is “meritocracy”. For heaven’s sake, if you think you truly deserve and take note you feel your readers, friends and blog visitors attest to that, then go on! One who deserves his due should not be robbed by this great opportunity. Vote your friends, nominate them and even yourself maybe; if and only if they truly and you truly deserve to be on that list side by side other Pinoy uber bloggers. I saw many bloggers who did not nominate themselves though they are really pretty much qualified technically and in the strictest sense of the word influential. But in the end, our votes will therefore speak of ourselves.

My Final List of Even Crazier Emerging Influential Bloggers!

In the coming days, I will be posting my own “complete list” of even crazier emerging influential bloggers, minus my moronic way of counting from 1-10, promise. So brace for yourselves.

Three slots are still open and they will be occupied in just a couple of days. My congratulations in advance.

What is your own “distinct” definition or criterion of an emerging influential blogger as basis for your list of nominees? Who is the Influential Blogger for you?

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