They Are No Angels Either!

May 11th, 20096:46 pm @ elmot


Milosevic has been judged and now dead. And so is Pol Pot, Hitler and all those faces of death and torture of the 20th century.

But there are still many others on the loose, enjoying their retirements on their ranch, and posh abodes; walking past camera men with glee and pride; powerful and renowned who could still twist the arms of those in the Hill; and walking a free man in Washington and Manhattan.

Take a close look at these harrowing pictures:

These are pictures of torture at Abu Ghraib jail in Iraq after the Bush’s orchestrated invasion founded on hate and sheer anger, which to make things clearer, up to this day has not found any nuclear arsenal, chemical and biological weapons of some sort to justify the one-sided attack.

And her dear Condeleeza Rice has this to say about the very serious violations against human rights laws and international treaties pointed against these barbaric acts:

“By definition, if it was authorized by the President, it didn’t violate our obligations under the Convention against Torture.”

What the hell is she talking here?! President Nixon is all gone forever and had been judge by history as the insane man on the White House who poignantly said these most stupid words “If the president does it, it’s not illegal.” And so Watergate screwed you Nix. And for you Condi, you need to dig yourself a foxhole now, Stanford guys are already running after your throat.

I think Americans are not stupid enough to elect Bush to be like Zeus on his Olympus commanding all his henchmen to strike lightning and torture to all suspected terrorists to confess the location of the nuclear bombs of Sadam and Bin Laden, without getting punished nicely in court. Confession through torture? Nice try guys! Maybe you may want to use Twitter instead? I am following Obama on Twitter.

Dick Cheney, former vice-president on the other hand has these crisp words justifying the obvious barbarism:

“Remember what happened here,” he said. “We had captured these people. We had pursued interrogation in a normal way. We decided that we needed some enhanced techniques. So we went to the Justice Department and the controversy has arisen over the opinions written by the Justice Department. The reason we went to the Justice Department wasn’t because we felt we were going to take some kind of freehand assault on these people, that we were in the torture business. We weren’t. … if we had been about torture we wouldn’t have wasted our time going to the Justice Department.”

Another roach! I could therefore understand the anger and lashing out of Marjorie Cohn and Craig Murray to these two stupid people. And for the grand salvo, Cheney, detonated the big bomb right under Bush’s nose:

“I certainly have every reason to believe that he knew a great deal about the program,” he said. “He basically authorized it. I mean, this was a presidential level decision. And the decision went to the president. He signed off on it.”

There it goes, nailed the big man! And Bush should dig his hole too, deep, very deep down his ranch for the arm of justice is certainly long enough to pull you out of hole. All of these rotten guys should face their day in court.

Obama has better roll up his sleeves now for the International Court of Justice is very much eager to cut the Bush down to its roots and throw him in a burning pit.; of course together with all his mob of war-fanatics. They espoused to be those people who will bring to justice all terrorists, but these guys pretending to be as snow-white as sheep are no saints either.

On to you guys now. Do think that Bush and all those responsible for this torture should be punished for their crime against existing laws and international treaties on torture? What do you think should Barack Obama do in this very delicate and serious issue? Be heard.

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