Manny Pacquiao’s New Feat Buffer for Political Ambition?

May 5th, 20096:44 pm @ elmot


After Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao sent Ricky Hatton into sleep on his back on the canvass from a solid left hook; gained the admiration of many by being the greatest Filipino boxer and if not the greatest boxer of his generation; made the pockets of politicians swell with cash after winning big time with their bets in Vegas; and uniting once again the Filipino nation for a couple of hours resulting to a crime-free streets and alleys, he is still insatiable. Bob Arum’s pronouncement of Pacquiao being “the greatest fighter that ever lived” (of course Old Bob is expected to sing hallelujah with the Pacman as his most prized fighter) and a hefty payday does not suffice to the People’s Champ. Despite conquering the boxing ring, sending home all his opponents without their belts, and earning millions of dollars to his heart’s content, Manny’s eye is still very much fixed on one thing as if he has not learned his lesson yet: politics. And so if there is one thing that Manny brings from the four corners of the boxing ring into the dirty table of politics, that would be his sheer determination of not giving up.

Why give up? He has all the cash, the admiration of the masses, the backing of dirty old men of politics like Chavit, Atienza, FG and gang, and a new district to raise his flag of candidacy. Right Congresswoman Darlene?

Manny Pacquiao is seeking to conquer the treacherous sea of politics by rowing his boat full of cash to the first pit stop: filing for the recognition of his newly-formed political party at the Commission on Election. His party is set to field candidates for local positions in General Santos City and the Saranggani Province where he is said to be running for a congressional post. His political party with a very personalistic touch, like that of freebies during baptisms is aptly called “People’s Champ Movement”.

I am still feeling elated by his recent feat that from the tiny nation of abundant of corruption, lies and human rights violations there lives a man who can be put side by side Muhammad Ali; but hearing this news from the grapevine is something that irritates me like those thousands of commercials that ate up hours before and in between Manny’s fight.

In this case, Manny is set to gain more friends, compadres and what else, more friends and more friends from different political stables to join his new camp. And I would not be surprised if he is to sport another set to irritating antics with his new cadres bowing like poor Fatton to his each and every move.

General Santos City has given Manny a great answer to his political ambition by not letting him win the congressional post against the little woman with a big heart Darlene Custodio. Thus, it has raised the points to ponder for the champ and the affirmation of the sentiments of people that politics is just too dirty for him; that he may be used, abused and his sincerity may be misused by those who already mastered and undignified the craft of public service. His penchant desire to enter politics is still raising the question and the wide space for debate if he is fit to be a public official, either as a national or local servant of his people.

Manny’s forming of his own political party will change a little tone and cause little ripples in the local political environment of Saranggani for sure if not in the national level too. I will not wonder if in the coming days before this year ends, or maybe after shutting the daylight out of the big-mouthed Pretty Boy Mayweather Jr. , he will take his own party to new heights and put it side by side Nationalista, Liberal or Lakas-CMD-Kampi, and advertise his own political ads steering a “padyak” on Cleto Reyes boxing gloves.

And I will not wonder if GMA’s lapdogs and cohorts will be jumping off her boat despite the boat-loads of people’s money and diminishing public trust and join Manny’s party. I will not wonder if Chavit, Gilbert Teodoro, Cerge Remonde and even Raul Gonzales will be up on the campaign stage dressed on flaming trunks and Nike boxing shoes complete in full boxing regalia.

And I will even wonder if GMA may ask House Speaker Nograles and Cong. Luis Villafuerte to steer their parties into a coalition with the People’s Champ Movement.

And I will not wonder if GMA too will join Pacman’s political fray and get the ire out of Jinkee Pacquiao.

Micheal Buffer: On the red corner weighing 200 lbs and 3’2 feet tall with the outstanding record of being the most corrupt president and with the most human rights abuses during her term…from Pampanga, the reigning and defending illegitimate president of the Philippines, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo! (Garci then raises the ballot boxes at the background)

On the blue corner weighing 130 lbs and 5’5 feet tall with the outstanding record of being a good wife of the People’s Champ and sending Ara Mina into the canvass…from General Santos City, Saranggani, Laguna, California because of their so many residences, the reigning and defending legitimate wife of the People’s Champ, Jinkee Pacquiao! (She then stares at GMA with bulging eyes ready to fire her laser rays)

Let’s get it on!!!

I will not wonder, for in politics especially here on our dear country, there are no permanent friends and enemies except permanent political interests.

Do you think Manny Pacquiao’s filling for the recognition of his own political party signals a more aggressive move from him to get a government post come May 2010? Do you agree that he is capable of becoming a “good government official” whether on a local or national position?

What do you think are the effects of this new development to the becoming sensitive political climate in our country? Be heard here, nothing to worry, Pacman is not going unleash his power punches on us nor Jinkee’s laser rays, LOL!

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