Beware: Manny Pacquiao is a Spook!

May 13th, 20097:54 pm @ elmot


I am not joining the caravan of Star Treck fever despite shattering the box office record of the Knight on its first day.  Hey, what could Batman do against all these aliens and semi-humans (Are they? Whatever.) speeding their way from one galaxy to another on their gigantic cockroach-like space ships sporting their very funny shining bangs?  And I thought that those bangs were already funny enough only until I stumbled upon this Manny Pacquiao picture.  
Wow!  This picture made me almost bite my toe nails and may have ooze out from my nose those unimaginable fluids for laughing out loud.  Thanks Jen, and to whoever is the genius behind this picture.  He certainly got good genes from dear mom and pop.

I don’t know if this news is plainly a joke, purely stupidity or an affirmative indication for Manny to totally don that Star Wars outfit for his new “shady post.” and put tons of pomade for a new bangs  For shutting the daylight out of Ricky Hatton, the Peoples Champ is given not only, one, not two, but three special government posts. When it rains, it pours, eh?
Justice Secretary Raul Gonzales just recently appointed Manny Pacquiao as his Special Assistant on Intelligence Matters.  The position he said is plainly honorary and the government will not spend a single centavo to compensate Pacquiao for his service (I bet if there will even be) and furthered:
“No salary. It is an honorary position in honor of his achievement. He can help the Department of Justice in any manner he can, I can ask him for information as well,” 

Wow, so after knocking out Mexicans and a Briton, one was appointed as easy as 1-2-3to become one of Gonzales’ version of James Bond?  What will Manny do; wire to the Justice Department the boxing styles, weaknesses and tactics of his opponents and be classified as a confidential?  will he spook on Clinton that he recently met, or  know the diet of the new dog in the White House?  or how much the politicians raked in from frequenting the MGM Grand?  or how may sparring sessions Mike Arroyo had with crispy pata?  or the Benjamin Abalos’ secret recipe for his yummy “burjer”?  or the political oppositions’ whereabouts? and pass of all these as “valuable infos” to the President, all for the nation’s safety and interest? 
I don’t say that Manny is a nuts, I admire this guy — as a boxer. But I don’t know either if the Justice Department is really mocking Manny on  this instance making him a “confidential agent”; and Manny by accepting this post making a clown out of himself and his achievements as an A-list athlete.  What is so confidential now with Manny Pacquiao?, his life is an open book.  It is like saying, “Hey, I appointed Le Bron James to be my top spook, and its a totally confidential!”
Raul Gonzales found an ally in Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile confidently saying “With all the people adulating him, he can get information.” By what, doing monkey business? So maybe, Manny should also better join Boy Abunda and Kris Aquino’s fray to get more information from the people who adulates him. Now, I need some pill.
I am pretty sure that Lady Justice must have been so pissed off wanting to tear that cover on her eyes and throw the scale at Gonzales.  But to this he would only shrugged off his shoulders, spit on all his detractors and reply “There is nothing wrong with that,”. Another pill please.
Earlier that day Manny was also appointed by the President as head of the Department of Environmental and Natural Resources’ (DENR) Task Force Kalikasan (nature) and as an “ambassador of peace and understanding.” As the palace lapdogs would exhort it with no indication of shame, the Pacman is “the symbol of national unity and peace”. Maybe for making everything stop even the bandits every time he slug it out in the ring; a country with zero crime rate for a couple of hours?

His main job? “There will be events and activities that will be organized that will center on him as a focal person,” Remonde said in a media briefing here. “He will be useful as a symbol, as a rallying point for events, which in the process, would involve national unity.”

And to start things up for our dear Pacman, his first task: join the basketball games between the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front contingents. I just hope that there will be no flagrant fouls lest there will be the flying of grenades and mortars from each camp. Oooops, i totally forgot, Manny is there to save the day, with his bangs, LOL!

This is payback time. As I said on my last post about Manny’s forming of his own political party, I would not wonder if everyone would be crossing fences. Manny would be the saving grace of this administration known for its nasty human rights record, corruption and lies. Now, I can pass for a modern-day Nostradamus.

But what these bogus government officials haven’t realized is that they are only showing that they cannot do the job. They need some superhero to do the cleaning of the sink. Are we really in need of a superhero? The answer is quite obvious.

He surely needs tons of pomade though for that shinny immovable bangs. Oh, goodness, another pill please!

What is reaction to all these three appointments given to Pacquiao by the present administration? Is Manny Pacquiao the answer to all the ills that this country is experiencing? Be heard, Manny is gathering all needed information from all those who adulates him. Yipee! Clap, clap. clap.

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