Elmot’s List of Ten Emerging Influential Blogs 2009!

May 22nd, 20096:15 pm @ elmot


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I can’t believe it, but this is actually my 100 and first post since I started blogging. Wow! Now, I am hearing throngs of my screaming fans…somewhere. And if I could only twist some arms from blogger.com or I was just plainly a tech genius that could find ways to escape the natural talent of Ms. Janette Toral for nifty details and where to find them of course; I could have given Roy a good fight with his inclusion of my blog to his own set of prestigious nomination. Maybe this blog would simply fit for the Influential Blogs category huh? Oh, now I am hearing once again my screaming fans…somewhere. LOL!

I am therefore already content with the fact that so many great bloggers were actually planning to include my blog on their lists without me begging for it; even the Reynz, Queen of Pinoy Blogosphere focused her eyes on me (blushing), a boylet understudy, only to learn later that I am disqualified. So she has to yield to the authority. See, even the queen follows rules, nut head senators!

So, since this blog fell from the ranks of nominations because of technicality, what a way to spend my 101st post but by making my own list of nominations for the Top Ten Emerging Influential Blogs of 2009.

Beware: all nominees on my list are crazy bloggers! When you get near them, you will get addicted to their blogs and become rabid commenters…just like mine. So better know them. LOL!

Elmot’s Crazy Nominees to the Top Ten Emerging Influential Blogs 2009

1. Jan of Sa Labas ng Mandaluyong – All hands to my Big Bro! And at the same time the LJ of your dreams. No, not LJ Reyes or Moreno on their kinky polka dot bikinis…it’s Lolo Jan! What can I say, the blog name already speaks for itself why he is on top of crazy my list of blogs. LOL!

2. Roy of The Struggling Blogger – If this guy have 13 damn great blogs all working just fine, we are all therefore doing a great disservice to this genius and blogger on steroids if he is not included in our list. Did your mom Idol Roy made you drink steroids instead of infant formula? LOL!

3. Snow of Dear Bloggery – What can I say about her? Cute. What else? Cute. Now, where is my balut dear Snow? Don’t forget the suka and asin ha? Ehehe!

4. Dee of Tales From the Mom Side – Great mom, writer and lawyer! The wife of the one and only “handsome” (according to Dee) Luke Skywalker. For all those who love freebies, this is the place to be. :D

5. Doc Zayden of Zorlone – A full-time poet and part-time doctor. A full-time doctor and a part-time poet. Loves “bukols”and making great sizzling scripts for dear Elmot and his students. That is Z! I nominated him so that he will get his hands off his digicam and his “careless whisper moves”. LOL!

6. Silver of Dare to Speak Out – The Kuya Germs of your dreams! Don’t sue me Roy for plagiarism. Blogger 24/7, she posted one of the most outrageous Storm Trooper having an LBM beside her laptop.

8. Fhedz of Home Buddies – Once called her a “bro” after her tear-jerking comment on my post. What a nut I was, LOL! She will remind you of your own very loving mom on her posts.

9. You!

10. You!

2 More Spots For Us to Work Out!

Though I was totally searching the web to complete my list, unfortunately, I don’t want to have a monopoly on making my list of nominations. So for all of you guys, kindly help me out decide which blogs to include on the last two spots, suggest here blogs (either your own or of someone you know) that are worthy to be included here. A balot would already do, but hey, I will ask some more from you.

This is first. He should qualify for this project; and that would not lead me therefore to making my “tough ten” nominees.

Second. The blogger is one crazy blogger, that whenever you visit his/her blog; you instantly become one screaming fan and a rabid commenter doing your own social climbing 101.

Third. The blogger/blog that you would suggest here is not involved in a sex scandal fronting the You Tube. If you think that they are prone to doing one, then it is time for you to do your divine civic duty: nominate them here and save them from the wrath of Bong Revilla!

Plus,do some convincing here with the other guys (know them too) that you deserve to be nominated. My nomination is not some freebie; earn it dude. That is the way it is.

Give Me Some Lovin!

So for all those nominated here and will be nominated, I would ask you therefore to also give me some lovin (careless whisper playing as background music, turning on the aircon). No, I am not asking you to nominate me and receive Ms. Janette’s edict that I am disqualified. I would be simply asking you to support my blog, this very famous blog, in your own special way. That’s it!

And from my end, since I nominated you, I will do my very best to campaign for all of you…through traditional ways and dirty tricks alike. Ooops…

So, maybe I will just wait for my freshly-baked Garden Gourmet Pizza Doc Z?

Give Ms. Janette and Our Sponsors Some Lovin

This writing and blogging project is the brainchild Ms. Janette Torral and made possible by generous sponsors: The Absolute Traders, My Brute Cheats, and Business Summaries.

On to you now guys!

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