A Bald Joke and Some “Hayden” Cameras

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Oh, Senator Bong Revilla Jr. from the province of Cavite has abruptly taken the center stage in the last couple of days both on TV interviews (which he consistently does) and a rare privilege speech to lash out immoralities in our society speaking up like some member of the Inquisition of the middle ages. The only difference is Bong does not wear those funny toga and clerical outfits with henchmen on the side, instead have his own version of a long-back hairstyle (looks like mine). His barber should be very lucky to be still walking a free man.

And though his privilege speech was obviously well-written and well-researched by his staff, his delivery nonetheless was very much painted with nervousness and by his familiarity of “where is the camera” looks. These ironies are indicative of two reasons: first, because he delivers privilege speeches lesser than the number of his fingers on his right hand and second because he has perfected the art of acting in front of the camera. Lights, camera, speak honorable senator!

Alec Baldwin’s Bad Joke

“A senator from the Philippines cries foul and seeks an apology from Mr. Baldwin over his deemed derogatory remarks…” was the somewhat the report of Debbie Metanoupolous at E!’s Top Ten Weekend (hey, got tired of the senseless eccentric showbiz reporting of Kris Aquino who only wants to flaunt by the way her freckled back and what else, herself and misadventures!). Then the picture of Mr. Revilla was flashed! Wow! So he could now be leveled side by side with Charice and Arnel Pineda as international stars eh? Hmmm…It would be very interesting if Debbie and her team could also report Mike A’s diarrhea after voraciously consuming Ben Abalo’s “burjer” the last time he went on a presidential trip, or GMA’s infamous “I am sorry, noh”.

On to the main topic. Before, it was Teri Hatcher questioning the medical qualifications of our doctors. Then, Harry & Paul ridiculing a Filipina maid as a sex symbol. And most recently was Chip Tsao calling our country a nation of servants. Adding to the list just days ago is Alec Baldwin of 30 Rock saying at David Letterman’s Show “I think about getting a Filipino mail-order bride at this point or a Russian one, I don’t care, I’m 51,” He detonated the bomb, came the protests obviously from all sides.

This is totally a nasty, derogatory comment if to be read at face value. Forgive me Oprah, but hey, I always watch the David Letterman Show. And this is my take on this one.

I personally would rather look at these kinds of statements first, in its context and second on the deeper truth that it tries to point us to.

Gary Lising, one of our A-list comedians in the country (save for his corny green jokes), shared his perspective on this kind of issue when he was interviewed by our campus journalists. He said, being a writer before on shows like that of Letterman in the U.S., one really needs to be intelligent as a viewer in order to decipher the bomb of punch lines and second, intelligent enough as a viewer to realize that those punch lines are pointing to glaring bits of reality that we are into. These kinds of shows are never equal to Wowowee (this is mine). Thus, a nation or a collection of people who are not conscious of these two contexts would easily bark at the wrong tree. Furthermore, satire is something that is not yet accepted in the Philippines. Thus we would not wonder why there are those who would crack jokes during a drinking session and would end up a bloody mess in minutes; or hundreds of our radio commentators who tackles societal issues either in satirical or frank manner ending up on the long death list of Filipino journalists.

I asked myself therefore, if Teri, Harry & Paul, Chip Tsao and Alec Baldwin are saying all these things I think Alec’s remark is not the last one we will ever hear (lest…), then maybe there is really some truth to it? If my father, mother, brother, sister, even my neighbor and officemates are telling me that I have a dark skin, would I cry racial discrimination or will I look in the mirror?

According to one of our local news channel, the Philippines and Russia are the two top countries that advertise in the U.S. mail order brides, quoting from one recent research study (if I could only find that research). Then, Baldwin is certainly pointing to something true, he just forgot the citation.

For me, though diplomatic protests and all these noise being created by politicians on riding with the issue for their own political grand-staging are done and we may get the sincerest apologies of Alec, the question is, since there is some truth in all that these people are saying, “what are we to do next?” So far, what I have only seen from the government is as part of our collective effort on the issue is just to “bark” and wait for another slur.

Another Hilton for Stardom or Behind Bars?

This is not another Paris Hilton, or Kim Kardashian or Edie Chen case on the spot spotlight; with the first two getting famous and a million dollar richer from their sex videos and the last one fleeing away from Hong Kong so as not to suffer from the hands of protesters.

This is Dr. Hayden Kho, a celebrity medical doctor who got the ire and tons of tirade from Sen. Revilla and feminists groups. On his “rare privilege speech” entitled “A Doctor’s Perversity” (wow, this could pass for a good film title and I bet Sen. Bong taking the lead role will surely make him take home the top acting plum, just like his buddy Jinggoy Estrada; Wait are they senators or actors? Darn, I could no longer make any distinction.) after his “sex videos” with different girlfriends leaked out at video sharing sites. The anger of the senator could not be contained that he labeled Kho a “pervert of the highest order” and a “predator” and is seeking from the Professional Regulation Commission the revocation of his medical license.

This is not something new. So many innocent women have already been victimized by crazy perverts and those videos were used to blackmail the victims for either cash or another cheap romance. The lack of specific law that would punish individuals with this kind of perversity passes them to be filled a case with a lower punishment and fine. Therefore, perverts are unfortunately could easily be back roaming the streets hunting for their next victim. Thumbs up to Sen. Revilla on this, only until he does everything he preached especially the passage a specific law to combat this ill. We are watching Kap.

If Hayden has to learn some valuable lessons therefore from the honorable senator and other pablings, these are; First, ask the consent of your partner, use your charm not brute force. Second, don’t make any sex videos all the more leak these stuffs to You Tube; don’t leave any evidence or trail. Gossips are gossips but evidence would kill you man. And third, keep it clean dude, nice and easy. Did I get it right Sir Bong? Now, I am not anymore wondering why he is fondly called Hayden…he likes to put “hayden cameras” during his hot moments. You crap doctor! You deserve and all fellow perverts to languish behind bars.

Senator Revilla is really doing over time eh?

On to you guys. What is your opinion regarding Alec Baldwin’s remarks; should it be taken as a joke or taken seriously offending? Do you think that these incidents from Teri to Alec are serious issues worth introspecting? What can you say about Dr. Hayden Kho’s sexcapades and posting these on video sharing sites? So Senator is really doing some catching up? Let us make this issue more interesting by sharing our thoughts here.

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