I Am Now An Emerging Influential Blogger! Geeh!

May 16th, 20096:26 pm @ elmot


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When it rains, it pours.

I haven’t never really appreciated these words only until lately when I would wake up from the middle of the night because of precious some text messages saying I won this or that and they were all for my taking. And I could say that I was like some hyperactive nuts only to look at myself in the mirror in the morning sporting those funny eye bags. You know who you are. LOL!

Manna From Heaven

First thing is that I won Big Bro Jan’s Top Commentator for April after literally braving the raging storm just to hit the mark and take home his secret prize. It is now though no longer a secret. I won John Grisham’s book “The Appeal”. And just after a couple of days, the mail man in the middle of the storm was calling me out from our house. I don’t know if that book has some curse in it. But the mail man was certainly pissed off; he was all wet. I read the book for two days, until the early morn only to get pissed with a nasty ending with the villain laughing to his heart’s content while cruising the Hudson River on his multi-million yacht. And I myself would want to email John to make my own “appeal”.

Second. Together with Fafa Roy, we won Dee’s contest on her blog. And the price is a book “Chicken Soup for the Soul; Moms and Sons”. Don’t worry Reynz, this is not the chicken that Lee took from your palace and let them dive over some boiling water and papaya. :D Actually, this is my first time to own a chicken soup book for I just contented myself in the past of barrowing books from our library and returning them with excessive fines for me to cry over be depressed for it. Thanks Dee! I just hope that the book will be delivered on a sunny day this time.

Surely, dear momma is so proud of me.

Thank you guys Jan and Dee!

Water Springing from the Rock

I was so surprised that Roy featured me on his blog through Bloggers Connection. Roy’s impassionate description of me and my blog was so well crafted that one commenter said that I could pass as a toothpaste commercial model? Photoshop really makes miracles, ehehe! While the other one could not stop from describing me as a “cutie” from the start of her comment till the end, right Lee? That she would have ignored the featured blogger if not for being a “cutie”. Nice! I guess if I posted the picture of Golum, she would have just cut her throat and blame Roy for the tragedy.

It was a post and a project that was well accepted by his readers and friends that he could already pass for an A-list showbiz insider, ala- Boy Abunda; I can’t imagine Roy move and dress up like Boy, even more like Krissy, LOL! In short, he made me real handsome on his post. I could only grin from where I am (actually even into my sleep) with the “boy-next-door” packaging. Thanks Roy!

But another unexpected miracle that Roy did to me is when he included my blog on his list of his Top Ten Emerging Influential Bloggers. This is a shocker for me. I thought I could only content myself on being the secret PR operative carrying with me a bag full of tricks (which is now no longer a secret) of all my blogging buddies who were already nominated. Here is Roy’s list.

1. Dear Bloggery
2. Sa Labas ng Mandaluyong
3. Dare to Speak
4. Zorlone
5. Ani-mo!!! Yipeee!!!! Im Here!
6. Keep it Short and Simple (KISS)
7. Father Blogger Dot Com

Don’t worry, I am not mistaken. It is really 7 as of this writing. Roy has only 7 yet, and the edict from the Palace of the Queen has gotten his attention already to fill in the last three lest he suffer the consequences of not joining the free raffle and take home a “lapad” or a “gin-bilog”. Guys, could recommend to Roy some blogs that you think are worthy to be included on his hot list.

Thanks Roy! You owned yourself a good spot on my list. So watch out also on my own Top Ten Emerging Influential Bloggers.

The Feast at the Queen’s Palace

One meaningful definition that I could give to blogging is relationships. While others blog just for the sake of labeling other bloggers some Neanderthal “jologs’ term as one publicity stunt disguised as somewhat an authoritative understanding of the whole universe of blogging and pull a party after getting some cheap massive traffic (no links, it is not worth another traffic believe me); I choose to understand my blogging experience as a web of relationships. It may not be always happy nonetheless I know that somewhere out there, there are friends and buddies who make me always excited to show my best and worst on blog and their blogs too.

Part of this happy experience is getting myself acquainted at the Palace of the Queen of Pinoy Blogosphere. At first I was just standing by the lobby and eavesdropping on the conversations of her counts and countess, dukes and duchess, and of course her serfs and some spies. Now, I am actively engaging myself on the ladder of social climbing 101. Let us go Fafa Roy and let us chorva the “bukol-loving” Doc Z and the “kapa-master” Jan! LOL!

Thank you guys and to all my blogging buddies for making blogging this fun! To Jan, Jaypee, Roy, Snow, Gem, Bingskee, Holly, Doc Z, diTesco, Yatot, Luke, Lee, Reyna, Silver, Dee, Ceblogger and Roel…Thanks alot!


I am sorry to say this to all my screaming fans out there, wherever you are (hey, scream! there you go), but this blog of mine is “disqualified” to being nominated to the Top Ten Emerging Influential Blogger, for as Ms. Janette Toral commented on Roy’s blog, I started Ani-Mo!!! way before May 2008. I really appreciate your support especially for Roy. Hey, Z, hope I could still get even just a slice of your pizza! Maybe this blog of mine will pass for the “Influential Blogger” category? ehehehe! What do you think?

And kindly help me also guys on making my own Top Ten List of Emerging Influential Bloggers. Any blog that you deem worthy to be included on my own list?

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