I am Jaypee’s Top Commentator for March!

April 9th, 20098:42 am @ elmot



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What a way to get back at blogging after missing the blogosphere as I went to Hong Kong…ows sorry, from the hospital for a couple of days.

Today is Maundy Thursday but I just can’t simply temper my feeling of joy after alas, I won the top spot at Jaypee’s blog on technology, gadgets and blogging tricks as his March Top Commentator!


This March, the battle was not as bloody as last February, that up to the last hour no one really knew who is to win the contest; the two top commentators were trying to psyche each other and reach each others’ move from some remote computer screens. In that case, my blogger buddy Jan went home with Jaypee’s cool prizes and I landed on the second spot. I am totally happy for him, for the deserved that really. I never thought Jan saw me at that moment as a fierce competitor, LOL! (read his comment on this here) Nevertheless, he is totally right that sometimes we just need to set aside biases to see the diamond from the rocks. And now, he is one cool blogger buddy, minus as all the funny and out-of-this-world tricks and advices he is giving me, hahahaha, LOL! Maybe I have lost the top spot at Jaypee that month but I won a great friend…huhuhuhuhu...:D

On winning the contest this March, I have at least fulfilled one great birthday wish for myself; that I should win at Jaypee’s Top Commentator Contest for March and give it to myself as a gift.

I registered 43 comments and guess who comes next trailing behind me? It is not other than my buddy Jan at 30 comments.

Now, I am going to take home $15 via Paypal, some Wordpress schwag pencil, pen, stickers and temporary tattoo and a WordCamp Las Vegas or Wordpress T-shirt. Wow, isn’t Jaypee’s prizes fabulous? Thanks Jaypee, you are simply so generous.

You can also join us and many more buddies at Jaypee’s blog, and maybe April is for you, and if not, for sure you will gain precious blogger friends.


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